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World of Almost-Real

Leprechaun Power

Here’s a little thought for St. Patrick’s Day: Please take it as seriously or as playfully as you like. At this point in history, most reputable people don’t yet believe in elves. (And by elves I mean anthropomorphic representations of semi-cosmic resonant energy fields.) It’s interesting, because belief in cosmic resonant energy fields such as […]

Life Enlargement

We have in fact been enlarging our awareness of what’s happening through international news, the internet, astronomy, microscopy, imaging, travel writing, etc. Now I want to make a category for it! The idea that we can enlarge our lives through what was psychodrama—I call using the method for fun and not psycho-therapy “action explorations”—is here […]

Metaphysical Cartooning

(Or cartooned intuitive metaphysics.) I are a sy-kie-a-trist! Well, I was! A Board Certified hunky-do! I’ve given psychiatry up now and am focusing on writing a book that expressed my intuitions about metaphysics, but it’s illustrated by cartoons. Really (consciously), I just made this stuff up, but it hangs together more as time goes on. […]

Metaphysical Explanations

(With a drawing at the end as an example.) I’ve begun a new art form that mixes drawing and prose. Through this synthesis I attempt to explicate my version of how the cosmos is in an ongoing creative process. It’s poetic, not to be taken literally. I seriously doubt that language as it operates today […]


Actually, all of these overlap in a sense. Multi-dimensionality does that kind of thing. Actually, who we are are extensions of a multi-dimensional reality. The meaning of that line is why I have come to preach to those who have ears to hear. For example, here is a teeny-tiny picture of a teeny-tiny fragment of […]

More Leprechaun Power

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and this offers us a multiplicity of themes. One, it is a festival for people of Irish descent to celebrate. Irish themed songs, folk songs, that’s another aspect. I am interested, though, in leprechauns. I have a cousin, I think, on the astral plane, who is a leprechaun. There […]

My Dharma

It occurred to me that I’m twenty rows back, supporting those in front. I’m still part of the 0.01% of the vanguard of evolution, at least in this part of the cosmos but yet not the leaders. Nor do I need to be, nor want to be. Higher conscious-ness than mine carries with it more […]

New Revelations

    (Or might they just be fantasies?) It has gradually been revealed to me that I am a representative from the World of Almost-Real, a world in which faeries, sprites trolls, hobgolblins, brownies, elves, and other imagined beings reside. They are co-created by a convergence of resonances from human minds (such as you, believing in […]

Orders of Magnitude of Complexity

When the number of variables transcend what is relevant for a dimension, then it’s time to pop up to a higher dimension. For example, surfaces in two dimensions can have complex colors patterns, or geometric figures, as well as variations of length, but one dimensional existences cannot appreciate such phenomena. Lines have length but no […]

Other Dimensions

I sorta-kinda believe in other dimensions, and the famous cartoonist who draws “Dilbert” (i.e., Scott Adams) apparently had the same idea. “Great minds run in the same gutter,” I’ve heard it said. I dare to play with this literary trope of other dimensions, and so does he. Yes! There are portals all around. Dreams do […]

Other Dimensions!?

I talk to God, as you know, not that I expect that God listens to puny me. But I fantasize that God delegates the message back to me via several levels of archangels and angels. I don’t hear “His” (maybe “Her”?) words exactly because my unconscious mind certainly contaminate—and indeed, this all is probably fantasy, […]

Playing with Mythic Meanings

Oh, sure, one part of life generates meaning, at first unconsciously, then more consciously. What is fun, though, is to add extras—all the possible stories that never were or are. I play many parts, some more real and serious, some more imaginal. For millennia we had stories that were sort of believed. The degree to […]

Prolific Thinker of All Thoughts

That’s how my pal Russ Williams addressed me. Yes, I replied, “Ptat”, an acronym that’s sort of spat out, related phonemically to the Al Capp (cartoonist of Li’l Abner) p’tooey. So this essayette focused on the object of the sentence: All Thoughts. Now here we have a category that is not only vast, but fuzzy […]

Re-Incarnation Extended

Not that this is true, you understand, but it seems to me less weird than most other theories of how it works. The concept of aggregate soul in each new incarnation has a number of advantages and fewer flagrant disadvantages: The center of consciousness is multiple, shifting, and a composite of some fifty or so […]

Rounding Out Life

An acquaintance over email—a new type of relationship, please note—we’ve met in passing and he kindly accepts me into the periphery of his social network— remarked, “Glad to see you’re still going strong.” But I’m not going strong! I’m weakening! I’m wrapping things up. There’s a whole lot to wrap and it may take a […]

Sam Hurt’s “Eyebeam”

I enjoy this cartoon strip, and it has a number of sub-plots, themes that involve a variety of the main character’s friend. One of those that I especially enjoy is “Hank the Hallucination,” about which the following is shown: I enjoy the author’s evident enjoyment of the idea of hallucinating, which, although a sign of […]

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Lewis Carroll wrote two books in the mid-late 19th century, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass. (Lewis Carroll was his pen name; his real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Interestingly, a number of authors have had what’s called a nom de plume, a pen name.) Disney conflated those tw0 “Alice” […]

Sorta-Kinda 4th of July

On the planet I come from—just kidding, for those who get uncomfortable in the presence of insanity—they have an equivalent holiday for Independence Day. Everyone gets together and instead of shooting fireworks, they collectively bud fleezels, mandala-like protuberance-studded cartwheels. Fun, if you like that sort of thing. Meanwhile, the “flag” (so to speak) stands at […]

Speculations of Trans-Dimensionality

I think we live on the surface of a multi-dimensional being-process. That is to say, we are the skin of at least one facet of God, and we are needed as much as our body needs a skin! These deeper dimensions are hinted at by our dreams, which reach into higher dimensions. They partake of […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Bluebonnets peeking through, as are light green leaves. If you look just right you’ll be able to see the elves awakening and frolicking! I can’t bring myself to shout at them, “Hey you kids, it’s not even springtime—yet—but pretty soon. Well, anyway, hello there all, ye known and unknown to humankind.

Sub-Atomic Anatomy

“Big fleas have little fleas upon their back to bite ‘em, And little fleas have littler fleas, and so ad infinitum.”    So said  Augustus de Morgan—also similarly, Jonathan Swift in the 18th century.   They were more right than they knew. God is so great that our whole universe of three dimensions of space […]

The “Higgs” BosOMMM

Now there’s a totally weird theory that the mass of the cosmos is generated by a field that was described by some fellow named Higgs. Last summer they found evidence to suggest he was right. Sort of. But the idea that mass is generated by a imperceptible field is so counter-intuitive as to seem ludicrous. […]

The Bubbling Multiverse

In one sense there is indeed a Universe, as the ultimate God, the Everything Becoming, includes in its one-ness all dimensions, minds, potentialities, etc. But it’s a universe that is much vaster than the three-dimensions of space in which hundreds of billions of galaxies spread over inconceivable distances. This universe of space and mass and […]

The Dream Factory

We know that biological phenomena—DNA replication and such—that occur at rates far too rapid to be even sensed. There is an in-between rate at which dreams are constructed—far more quickly than we-of-little-brain can even imagine—but slower than cellular physiological activities. Being part elf myself (a literary conceit), I was privileged to perceive the dream factory, […]

The Dynamics of Play

In this other world, play functions as a way to open the forebrain and mess around, and opening thus invites inspiration from the transpersonal dream world, a rich meadow of possibilities. The function of play is to gently entertain these and maybe make something useful or amusing. I have another world that I plug into, […]