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Zordak’s Journal

Welcome! This is a listing of entries in Zordak's journal. These words were (more or less) channeled through Adam (or at least the multi-dimensional interferrence patterns that manifest in this reality as Adam).


A “True” Story (?)

A friend today sent me one of those touching stories about whatever—there are a number of them floating around in cyberspace. The email said: “(This is a true story.)”  Oh, well, then, it must be so—I mean, if it weren’t so, why would someone say that? Sincerely, now, I really mean this. To be utterly […]

A Theological Confabulation

  I am a contemplateur, an affected term I made up to make my lazy thinking about stuff sound fancy. It’s a way to play. So I’ve been thinking about the Big Whats-it-all-about, beyond space, time, matter, and energy. I view these categories as fabulous in their infinitude, but still I have a hunch that […]

An Invitation to Imagination

We are working on a revision of our book, The Art of Play. Its thesis is that imagination is related to creativity, and this is related to envisioning, and there may be further potentials of all this not yet envisioned. One aspect of this is realizing that we can say “yes-and” rather than “no but” […]

Another Creation Story

Zordak here, channeling through Adam: Just as “Genesis” in the Judaeo-Christian Bible became widely-known creation story among many humans on your planet, there is another creation story that has been popular among some other intelligent species living on a number of planets in other galaxies who are in contact with each other psychically. (Oh, Adam […]

Art-Speak from Other Worlds

Sometimes what we want to say cannot be expressed in the linear alphabetic word-language of your species. In music, this is why polyphonic music and then orchestras were employed: to suggest rich textures of experience-meaning.                   Since we’re using a print/visual medium to communicate to your people […]

Christmas on Other Planets

Zordak told me: On your planet humans became fixated on the idea of kings as saviors. Your Western Bible has the interesting story of Samuel warning the Israelites against wanting a king, but to them the idea seemed compelling. They confused of the nature of leadership in military matters and spiritual development. Other peoples did […]


On occasion I dare imagine elves and faeries and the like, just for fun. Looking over my cartoons I imagine there’s a “race” or category of lil’beings that are similar resonant energy fields, expressing various complexes. Just as if there’s a spirit of this tree or that rock, so too aspects of mind can generate […]

Confabulations (More)

I make up stuff, fool around. A fancy word for that is “confabulation.” At the bottom of my listing of Papers on my website are the links to a series of webpages that have to do with foolin’ around, mythmaking, art, and miscellaneous other stuff. It’s an art form, my wife says, a mixture of […]

Confabulations: The Series

If you search the word “confabulations” on this blog-site, you’ll find a number devoted to this word, and more are being added. These were also webpages on my website under the sub-heading of “Fooling around”.  Over time I will add more and transfer over others. How else but through play can I suggest possibilities for […]

Corpus Callosum (2)

The connection between the right and left brain was shown earlier and it has been revealed to me what was going through the mind of the subject at the moment. It was this: Funny little sunny little puny human brain. Pretty incredibly complex, but not so much to beings who are far more intelligent and […]

Cosmic Momma

Once in a while Zordak sends me a picture to mull on. This one I’ve been considering for a while (some years) and then she revealed the deeper meaning to me (I think). This is a mythical figure from Zordak’s universe—you know, the parallel one. There are infinite numbers of universes (as far as our […]


Contemporary nanotechnological research is also being conducted by trans-dimensional "scientists" (Try to wrap your mind around the idea that trans-dimensional science recognizes that creative thought-forms participate in the co-construction of reality, whereas your culture in its present paradigmatic worldview (redundant?) thinks reality is objective and not subjective. (Ho ho ho says one of our sprite-ual […]

Dance of the Diddly-doodles on Arabesque Day

Below is a picture of a diddly-doodle, rendered sort of anthropo-morphically. (We’ve found that humans can relate better to that which they can relate to more.) Diddly-doodles live in another dimension where they elaborate flowery complexities in the cosmos: this is their “job.” It is needed, else everything be square and orderly. Mussed-up hair, charming […]

Dimensionality Reconsidered

David Blatner is my son, of whom I am extremely proud. He’s writing a book titled “Spectrums.” He shares with me (and Zordak) an astonishmentality about this universe we inhabit. He wrote to me (as a note in preparing his book on Spectrums): “If earth were the size of a grain of salt, our solar […]

Dimensions Beyond

One of the other ways the cosmos works is that it evolves. This includes the emergence of consciousness as a product of complexified mind, and the emergence of qualities associated with the capacities to be amazed, astonished, awed, reverent, reflective, thoughtful, inspired to theorize about, desiring to share, question, doubt, and in other ways bring […]

Doin’ Its Own Thing

Everything is doin’ its own thing, follows what the ancient South Asian Indian scriptures call its “dharma.” But the thing that everything is doing is vastly inter-dimensional, connected to many, many other things doin’ their own thing. Gravity, aesthetics, patterns, symbiotic connections, underlying similarities, the list goes on. Some things are more rapidly eventful than […]


It’s sort of a ringing your bell sound: Maybe it should be spelled doyngg! It’s too close to do-ing, which is also a little involved, but what is doing what in what level of the psyche-nervous system is best expressed by the feeling of “doynggg”—with some resonance at the end. This sound is related to […]

Eeksplanations (and other Confabulations)

Sometimes my spirit guide, one of a couple dozen or so, channels inspirational messages and pictures. If this seems too far out, ignore it, consider that I just made this stuff up. Or contemplate these words on their own merits. As a psychiatrist colleague who was a consultant to our program when I was in […]

Embryonic Dream-Packet

Within each of these little packets are “doorways” to multi-dimensional dreamscapes and nubbin narratives that can spin out in the fertile soil of the amplifying unconscious mind. They reside at junctures of innate potentials in he implicate order. As consciousness evolves, humanity—or what it evolves into in “x”-ty-thousands of years—will be able to pick and […]

Empty (?) Space

(This is a continuation of my trans-dimensional friend Zordak’s reports on his impressions of his visits to our planet and its associated space-time continuum.) In your material universe, things are denser than what you call dreams and as such, they tend to be far less evanescent. In our realm, and most of the others on […]

Explaining Zordak’s Existence

I have a friend here at Sun City named John who sometimes reads my blog. Not infrequently he challenges me in a friendly  way to expand my philosophy. He tends to be more materialist and I think tends to give science more weight than I think it deserves, but I agree with his requirement for […]

Extra-Terrestrial Elves

You’re aware by now that the more they look the more they find, and this applies to stars that have planets. So it’s become very clear—well, some don’t believe it now—that there are billions upon billions of stars with planets and very conservatively millions of intelligent life forms, some far more intelligent than your own, […]

Foolin’ Around

On my website under “papers” at the bottom is a section titled “Foolin’ Around, and there I have posted some  links  to  webpages that might be amusing to you. They have odd cartoon-doodles I’ve drawn, too. They are bits of fluff that in a sense illustrate my doodles. No, they’re really profound and mysteriously exotic […]

Framming the Zhork-2

Zordak (pictured on the right) offered a further elaboration of what “Framming the Zhork” might entail, responding to my entreaties: “Please, anything. What are you talking about.” He sent this: “Here. Fat lot of good it’ll do you.” There will be of course a variety of problems in translation. For example that mid-1960s fancy automobile […]

Free Spirits Playing

Here’s what I mean: These are indeed free spirits—or that’s what we might call them. Or their technical species name is vibratium transcendentum. They are playing, frolicking, even, messing around. They vibrate! You can almost hear their giggles. This is going on in the cosmos. We can participate too, with a certain knack for second […]