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February, 2015

The Seventeenth Assistant

In the great hierarchy of being, I figure that the vast cosmos has an unthinkable number of levels in many dimensions. Poetically speaking, then, I am blessed by the guidance of the seventeenth assistant to the seventeenth assistant to beings who shall remain yet unnamed in the celestial hierarchy. I allow that these folks sort […]

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A Metaphysical Poetic Sort of Vision

(For what it’s worth: I’m just contemplating electronically “out loud.”) I envision God becoming in every dimension, and it’s sort of a meta-erotic joy! I hear God giggling, “Oooh, I can do this and I can do that!—and what’ll happen when I do this other? Oops, life ends. Game over. Start another game. I got […]

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Thoughts on Oppression

I have mixed feelings about this term. I just gave a talk on “oppression” and emphasized the milder forms. The term is evocative. I certainly concede that “oppression” is an apt word when it comes to a wide variety of political policies or social norm enforced by mobs or the police who are willing to […]

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Write It Up

I fear that I am an unabashed fan of the written word. It allows one to re-read, review, contemplate, critique, expand, integrate and do all manner of other things with what is read. I’ve given classes on the technology of writing. So I am encouraging people to not just present in person what they think, […]

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Facets of Meaning

I’ve been reading about Paul T. Wong’s Network for Personal Meaning. I’ve been to a few of their conferences and think what he’s doing is good. Of course, he’s right, it seems, but also meaning-making seems to me to be an intermediate step. For many, finding meaning, co-creating meaning, may serve as a fulcrum. I […]

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Hey, I Got My Blog Back!

Somena Gun! I wrote a blog on my blog-writer technology and it worked! Now I’m publishing this under current events and let’s see if it works. If it does, I’ll start uploading some other blogs. I’ll try back-dating some blogs, too. My son fixed it! It turned out that it was sort of blocked but […]

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