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February, 2016

Changes are Happening!

Things that are changing at an ever-increasing rate: – People learning that other people have other opinions     … and what those opinions are          about religion, politics, etc.   – People are feeling free to change denominations,       or join this or that religion, or no religion        or make up their own, or […]

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I Lived in Paradise

Well, it was paradise to us. I had several karmic challenges, but I was also given an idyllic childhood in many ways. I know, lots of kids idealize their home, and lots don’t. But I just want to note my home on the map, so as not to take it for granted. We had a […]

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Integrating Seeming Opposites

How can we speak of people who combine interesting contrasts? Many people seem to integrate extravagant opposites. This also renders them a bit mysterious. It strikes a deep chord of ambiguity. Do we perceive them as one of us or one of them, friend or foe? The intuition of friend evokes instincts of similarity with […]

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I Get To!

I feel privileged to be trusted with doing the laundry and the dishes. These chores appeal to a simple part of me that express my willingness to help. But I also get to do so much more!   – sing songs that I’ve loved from childhood, such as “It’s a Grand Night for Singing,” etc. […]

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At the Bottom Edge of Higher Consciousness

Alas, my mind plays best at this interface. I even speculate on a half-level higher. Mind interpenetrates all these, from one to seven dimensions. Each dimensional advance partakes of all “lower” dimensions.  I’ve speculated on this spectrum of dimensions in past blog posts. The one before that also. I’ll not say that everything is mind, […]

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But It Seems So Compellingly Real

This takes off from previous blog posts. It combines dimensional perspectives and numinour verisimilitude. These may be thought of as deriving their compelling-ness because mind operates on many levels simultaneously: – It can experience things as more or less, as if on a spectrum: One Dimension. – It can experience pattern, color, map, writing, all […]

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Perspectives and Dimensions

We live in a reality that is bigger than ordinary reality, because mind operates beyond reason, beyond its own ability to comprehend it all. I’ve found the metaphor of dimensionality useful—and mainly that there are higher as well as lower dimensions. The point or zero dimensions is the peculiar but widespread idea that words mean […]

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Neuro-Biology of Play

I have an interest in play, and I just encountered news of a book, The Inter-personal Neurobiology of Play: Nurturing brain development in children through play, by Theresa A. Kestly, who is a sand-play therapist and teacher in New Mexico. She updates our understanding of the natural ways play promotes maturity in children. (My point […]

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Numinous Verisimilitude

I’m giving a lecture series on illusion—part of a long-running series on psychological literacy. Some people have experiences that seem so real, not illusory, and more, the experience is compelling. The word “numinous” means strangely compelling: A thought or image seems is so true and important that it must be witnessed to. It compels you […]

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“I know you believe you understand what you think I said but I’m not sure that what you heard was what I meant!” (I encountered this line on a button back in the early 1970s when lots of slogans were put on lots of buttons. T-Shirt printing wasn’t so easy then.) What we say that […]

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