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Life Enlargement

Originally posted on July 3, 2018

We have in fact been enlarging our awareness of what’s happening through international news, the internet, astronomy, microscopy, imaging, travel writing, etc. Now I want to make a category for it! The idea that we can enlarge our lives through what was psychodrama—I call using the method for fun and not psycho-therapy “action explorations”—is here presented. It need not be “for” any worthy purpose other than fun or mind-expansion.

One may enact or talk about or merely fantasize events that never happen, or only partially happen, events that were thought, planned, dreamed. For various reasons these events were not “solid” or concrete enough to be imagined or thought to have happened in reality. Yet they, too, can be given a “stage” to happen—a psycho-dramatic stage.

I have written about psychodrama, several books on this or related topics. I have dared to rename non-therapeutic psychodrama as “action explorations” so that imagined experiences with no “therapeutic” function can become part of life. (It’s too good for just patients!) Indeed, it’s an adult form of pretend play, like cosplay (costumed-play), Why should only kids have all the fun? Call it “life enlargement.”

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