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October, 2015

Hollow Weenies

Hollow-weenie -eeeeee is coming! Let’s all pretend to be scared: Eeee! Now let’s all pretend to be scary: Booooo! Unless you’re suffering from PTSD, both are sort-of fun, lifting us out of our humdrum civilized life, jolting us back with a mild energizing thrill into a simulacrum of what it might have been like for […]

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Hitler Was Not Crazy!

Perhaps he was a little towards the end, when I think he was known to abuse amphetamines to stay awake to cope with the stress of the later stages of the Second World War. But in the early parts, it seems to me that many politicians resort to similar exaggerations or not-easily-disproven lies, and for […]

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Unfolding Consciousness

.Consciousness is progressing gradually, unfolding, ideas building on each other. Things take time and their processes operate on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions. Much of my work has gone in the direction of facilitating this unfolding consciousness, at whatever pace. A bit of encouragement here, a boost there. It’s a very slight intervention I […]

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The Imponderable Nature of Mind

Psychotherapy is a mixture of the brain and the mind; the hardware (or, more accurately, “wet-ware”) and the programming; temperament and innate types of intelligence and all the habits we’ve picked up from our culture and family and, later, friends and teachers. It’s a mixture of innate tendencies and the conditioning of the era, the […]

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Morturi Te Salutant

“Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!” The gladiators in the Coliseum reportedly greeted the emperor before commencing their fights: “Hail Emperor, those who are about to die salute you!”  Be afraid! Be very afraid! Hahahaha! It’s All Hallow’s Eve, a time to scare and enjoy the delicious feeling of mixing slight fear with just pretend. We’re […]

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Some Theology of Consciousness

I recently heard a talk by Ilia Delio, a Catholic theologian and professor who stretches what catholicity means. She recently wrote a book about Teilhard de Chardin and quotes some little known papers that have come available. It turns out that Teilhard went beyond denominational religion, which meant that he went beyond the necessary hierarchy […]

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Speculations of Trans-Dimensionality

I think we live on the surface of a multi-dimensional being-process. That is to say, we are the skin of at least one facet of God, and we are needed as much as our body needs a skin! These deeper dimensions are hinted at by our dreams, which reach into higher dimensions. They partake of […]

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My Dharma

It occurred to me that I’m twenty rows back, supporting those in front. I’m still part of the 0.01% of the vanguard of evolution, at least in this part of the cosmos but yet not the leaders. Nor do I need to be, nor want to be. Higher conscious-ness than mine carries with it more […]

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Peacemaking wasn’t known in the olden days. Peace was just surrender, a temporary unwillingness to fight, which meant to be dominated. Small-time kings bought off predatory emperors by taxing their people. Peace-making didn’t happen between equals except as temporary truces. The business of kings and emperors was conquest. There were whole castes given over to […]

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