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Rounding Out Life

Originally posted on January 28, 2018

An acquaintance over email—a new type of relationship, please note—we’ve met in passing and he kindly accepts me into the periphery of his social network— remarked, “Glad to see you’re still going strong.”

But I’m not going strong! I’m weakening! I’m wrapping things up. There’s a whole lot to wrap and it may take a decade! The drawings alone require a bit of dedicated commitment to bring them to light! (And it may be that these are what I’m best remembered for!)

The final anthology is coming together, the authors working at their respective chapters. This is an anthology of how action methods may be applied in a rich variety of ways. My cartoons, similarly—my “buttons,” drawings, etc.—haven’t been exploited adequately. Some work in that sphere. The explication of those cartoon characters—The World of Almost-Real—explain an alternative reality where creative memes are treasured. What about that?

Then there’s bare maintenance, laundry, dishes, meal preparation, taxes, walking (as exercise), the “library” as one of many destination—and often no destination is needed— just being with my sweetie, reading to each other, self-care, church, etc. I must say my life is rounding out quite nicely. More soon.

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