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May, 2015

Ask the Psychiatrist

People expect experts to know answers. But then they ask questions that only open the door, and I as the expert think, “Well, it could be due to any number of things.” For example, I was asked about a mother with “a flying phobia. I make a differential diagnosis: (1) The mom is how far […]

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Mairzy Doats

This was the name of a novelty song put out in the mid 1940s: Mairzy dotes and dozey dotes, and liddle lamzey divey;    A kiddle edivey two, wooden shoe! (Repeat)  If the words sound queer, and funny to your ear, A little bit jumbled and jivey.    Sing mares eat oats, and does eat […]

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Being Apophatic

According to the online free dictionary, apophatic is defined as “of or relating to the belief that God can be known to humans only in terms of what He is not (such as `God is unknowable’). I take it as a confession that puny human brains can never know, and I hold to this. I […]

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The Dynamics of Play

In this other world, play functions as a way to open the forebrain and mess around, and opening thus invites inspiration from the transpersonal dream world, a rich meadow of possibilities. The function of play is to gently entertain these and maybe make something useful or amusing. I have another world that I plug into, […]

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