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July, 2009

On Intellectual Inhibition

A friend of mine is interested in the frontiers of consciousness development—as am I—and had recently attended the national conference of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). One theme he noted was the growing confidence that appreciation for the not-entirely- materialistic way of viewing the world was growing. I asked him (as I am wont […]

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When Is It Too Much To Expect?

Listening to National Public Radio on 7/17/09, they talk about the initiative to promote junior colleges. While in many ways this is meritorious—we need more trade schools and less emphasis on university-level education for everyone—, nevertheless, I was struck by the theme of the commitment to remedial work, attending to emotional needs, and the like. […]

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Symbols of Selfhood

On my website I write about the experience of being a coherent “self” as an aggregate experience, a sort of sum of a score or more of different types of sensory and cognitive input, and each type may in turn have numerous sources. These become more intense or more dilute, and sometimes other experiences happen […]

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Favorite Cartoonists

I just wrote another blog about Roz Chast and mentioned also Gary Larson. Here are some others, just to play the game of listing “my favorite things”: – Gary Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes series of cartoons now in books, both for his art and his themes—especially those that speak to philosophy and the enjoyment of […]

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Roz Chast’s Cartoon Anthology

This lady whose cartoons often appear in the New Yorker makes me smile and want to share so many of her creations. I can’t technically worship her, but I can witness to how much I like what she does. She speaks especially to a part of me that identifies with the ordinary and slightly timid, […]

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