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Originally posted on March 12, 2016

Actually, all of these overlap in a sense. Multi-dimensionality does that kind of thing. Actually, who we are are extensions of a multi-dimensional reality. The meaning of that line is why I have come to preach to those who have ears to hear.

For example, here is a teeny-tiny picture of a teeny-tiny fragment of ultimate realty, as if it could be seen in only two dimensions, flat as a picture on your computer screen. (For some of you old folks, you remember when these maps or diagrams or illustrations appeared on “paper,” a substance that the young folks only have passing acquaintance with.) (Oh, wait, that’s the next century.)


The aforementioned is only one angle or resonance of this “atom” of ultimate reality. Here’s another:


Not that reality is stable. Some of these pictures are “wobbly.” Looking for the right word here, and the instability of things seem like unfinished pictures. But reality is that way, actually.


I’ll finish with another viewpoint or angle and that’s enough before I overload and blow out your circuits. Okay, there perhaps you can get a hint, with each micro-figure opening to yet another series of figures of at least this degree of complexity, fractal-wise. That’s the way it is, so don’t try too hard to force your tiny brain to understand it. It’s already psychedelic to even open to it being this way. This one is simplified to illustrate the “angular skeleton” upon which the others are sort-of based.



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