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More Leprechaun Power

Originally posted on March 14, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and this offers us a multiplicity of themes. One, it is a festival for people of Irish descent to celebrate. Irish themed songs, folk songs, that’s another aspect. I am interested, though, in leprechauns. I have a cousin, I think, on the astral plane, who is a leprechaun. There sort of like elves, but more Irish, of course.

I’ve been thinking about faeries, elves, sprites, gnomes, and little people from all over the world, and what that means: First, it means that people perceive with a combination of perceptions, intuitions, and projections—we see what we’re wanting to see.

Little is more comfortable than gigantic. We want to bigger, lest we be eaten or otherwise overwhelmed. They are therefore small, on the whole.

There is a startling range of benign versus hostile creatures, but then again, they tend to pick up qualities projected on them. Our transitional species is riddled with a fear of the unknown, so they pick up those qualities and tend to be interpreted as fulfilling our negative expectations. Some are benign, many live independently—they seem though to be sensitive to our projections.

Happily, we’re entering a new era in which positive thinking and expectation have generated a different collective aura. After a century or so in which the majority was somewhat disconnected, we are in a phase of re-mythification. That means that elves and faeries, space operas and stories that have traditional themes, lots of stories are emerging. Computer-generator-assisted movies, television, and the like have accelerated portraits of the improbable and (in some materialistic sense on this planet) impossible.

So as you enjoy pictures of leprechauns, let them stir up you inherent right to inspiration and play. Send me your drawings, color drawings, if possible. Tell me about how you have discovered a part of yourself that resonates with any of these creatures, however odd the story may be. Enjoy the magic of imagination!

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