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March, 2013


On occasion I dare imagine elves and faeries and the like, just for fun. Looking over my cartoons I imagine there’s a “race” or category of lil’beings that are similar resonant energy fields, expressing various complexes. Just as if there’s a spirit of this tree or that rock, so too aspects of mind can generate […]

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Does God “Exist”

Does “God” exist? It’s a hard question because so many people have different conscious and unconscious understandings of that word, “God.” We must remember that it’s only a word, and more, there are different words in different cultures to refer to sort of the same thing. But actually, the complex of associations called up in […]

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I just received what I think was a spam email based on my web-blog posting 65 (a couple years ago) that was unusual. Usually they have a few general lines, but this character from Russia sent a lengthy paragraph: It illustrates how easy it is for politicians and others to say nothing while seeming to […]

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A recent correspondence: My friend Ed wrote about seeing the video of my son David’s presentation in Seattle about “Spectrums”—a book he had just published. He wrote, “You son David has inherited your exuberance and capacity for projection. I learned something .. of the existence of "tetrachromats": Amazing idea, that some people have sensory capacities […]

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Sprites: Resonant Energy Fields

The category of faeries, elves, brownies, pixies, trolls, and other imaginary “little people” are not “people” as we think of them, but rather more like resonant energy fields. They can change as your mind changes, for the positive of negative. They have no form exactly, but take on the characteristics of which kinds of attitudes […]

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Embryonic Dream-Packet

Within each of these little packets are “doorways” to multi-dimensional dreamscapes and nubbin narratives that can spin out in the fertile soil of the amplifying unconscious mind. They reside at junctures of innate potentials in he implicate order. As consciousness evolves, humanity—or what it evolves into in “x”-ty-thousands of years—will be able to pick and […]

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Naming the Everything

Tradition is strong, and the names of certain gods themselves became sacred, as they were called on as local, special protectors. This is a residue of what was called “hinotheism,” and some have noted that early Judaism didn’t so much as deny the existence of other gods as make it obligatory for our tribe—on pain […]

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On Knowability

Epistemology is the  branch of philosophy that asks about how we know what we think we know. I would dig it a bit deeper and ask whether it might be that true knowledge of anything, full knowledge, is truly impossible in a world of cosmic dimensions. In other words, could it be that the notion […]

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Where “They” Come From

Mooshie-Kapooshes are sprites that attach to whatever and make that whatever “cute.” They relate along multiple dimensions to the neuro-peptide oxytocin, the mind of the beholder, neotenous qualities of the beheld, and whatever the angels intend. They develop as shown on the left, below, in a soulstar womb of potentials; then below right, they are […]

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Vitality Enhancement

Aha! So that’s what I’m really about! I must confess, though, that this term is just a fancy way of saying “having fun.” Maybe in some circumstances we need to pretend to be a bit snooty to appease the demand for functionality, for higher purpose. But really, we don’t need an excuse. If you think […]

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