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July, 2012

Peace and Quiet

It seems to me that the consumerist, competitive, marketing-oriented thrust of our culture has been upping the intensity of stimulus, towards excitement, towards “full flavor,” adding salt, sugar, alcohol, hot-pepper-spices, loudness of music, brightness of colors, degrees of whirling, and vertigo not just with roller-coaster-rides, but by extension, even simulated rides in theme parks or […]

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Why Action Explorations?

I have been viewing psychodrama from one abstract level higher, a category I call action  exploration, a name for a category that includes psychodrama, sociodrama, spontaneity training, warm-ups, bibliodrama, and also process drama in education, applied improvisation in business and organizations, and other activities. Although it partakes of a few drama elements such as story […]

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The “Right” Answer

(So here’s this morning’s reflection: seeing the title, that’s a funny spelling: It should be aensur  . Ah phonetics.) There’s a whole category of answers that must be discovered repeatedly by people for themselves, an ongoing complex inner “map” that continuously gets revised. In this category are such questions as: – What is God? What […]

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Back 2 the Blog! Yay!

For a few weeks I have been out of it computer-wise and somewhat sickly, physically, too. Finally, with a new computer and coaching from a wonderful mentor at our community Computer Club, I am restoring my internet integrity. Whew! So I have some accumulated web-log entries to catch up with, and also a restored sense […]

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People’s Lives

I continue to marvel as I become increasingly aware of the sheer complexity of people’s lives. Of course I know all this, perhaps better than most; but the point is that I continue to “get” more deeply the sheer number of stories—threads of becoming—that weave together. I’ve been a little more into the theme of […]

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My Son’s Soon-To-Be-Published Book!

Spectrums: Our Mind-Boggling Universe from Infinitesimal to Infinity due out from Walker Books, November, 2012

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