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February, 2012

Too Much or Not Enough

The comedian George Carlen remarked, “There are two kinds of people on the road: idiots and nuts. Idiots are those who drive slower than you; nuts are those who drive faster.” A friend wrote that as president of his (church, synagogue, congregation), he was always needing to mediate between those who felt their clergyman (minister, […]

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Thoughts on Psychology Research

In a conversation with a colleague who brought up the issue of the impact that a disabled child might have on siblings, I warmed up to the different constellations that might be involved. Here are just a few: The type of disability certainly makes a difference. Mental, physical? Retardation, autism, paralysis or weakness of limbs, […]

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Sociometry in the Family

Comments on a cover article for Time Magazine of October 3, 2011—title: Mom liked you best* (*of course she would never admit it); (author: Mr. Jeffrey Kluger). It’s good that this theme is brought up again in an era in which social psychology is coming more into prominence, gradually competing with the trend towards focusing […]

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That Explains Everything

“A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” So it has been said. I was pondering the mysteries of the universe, the riddles of existence, and my friend Zordak (the extra-terrestrial buddy who visits from other dimensions, too), reminded me of Universe #9&$(x-1)! , which, he assured me, was not a cuss word, but […]

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