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The “Higgs” BosOMMM

Originally posted on August 10, 2013

Now there’s a totally weird theory that the mass of the cosmos is generated by a field that was described by some fellow named Higgs. Last summer they found evidence to suggest he was right. Sort of. But the idea that mass is generated by a imperceptible field is so counter-intuitive as to seem ludicrous. But what if it’s actual? I for one don’t know, but I can say this:

In this other universe they have a vaguely similar theory that’s half Higgs and half ancient Yoga. Of course I can’t translate well, but here’s a picture:


There’s this parallel cosmic dynamic sort of like the air conditioner in your home that is sort of humming “Ommmm” and that lends a peculiar characteristic to home life—i.e., coolness in the hot summer, which we need here in central Texas.

A related new and unproven theory in physics is “string theory” which is also true, as far as it goes, but hardly the whole of the story. YOu have near the middle a number of strings, vibrating in their own little way. It lends variety to things, a measure of complexity that ensures individuality. And we need individuality because less than that would diminish the Great Divine Becoming, and we wouldn’t want to do that, now, would we?

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