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September, 2015

The Conundrum of Consciousness

I am fortunate to have a few acquaintances who think deeply about conundrum of consciousness. The word is “qualia”—how it “feels”—how it’s “experienced”—addressed in part by the philosopher Thomas Nagel, in 1974: “What is it like to be a bat?”  … and the problem in my mind resolves somewhat when one hypothesizes that consciousness is […]

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Can Psychology Be “Researched”?

In considering what types of psychotherapy work, I become aware of the sheer multiplicity of variables. I suspect this problem is perhaps insurmountable, because what we’re talking about isn’t a machine, as in what kind of gasoline gets the best mileage, or energy, or whatever can be measured. Human behavior cannot be measured! Well, it […]

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Corpus Callosum (2)

The connection between the right and left brain was shown earlier and it has been revealed to me what was going through the mind of the subject at the moment. It was this: Funny little sunny little puny human brain. Pretty incredibly complex, but not so much to beings who are far more intelligent and […]

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A Negro spiritual song from the 19th century goes: “Oh won’t you sit down? Lord, I can’t sit down! (Repeat two more times) I just got to Heav’n, gotta look around!” It turns out that we have a bit of heaven right here for those who have eyes to see. Really, it’s not the eyes, […]

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On the Ant-Path

Here we are, two ants Meeting on an ant-path.    Antennas touch. Hey, I know you!    You’re part of OUR nest!. (It’s amazing how sensitive antennas are.)     You’re part of US!     (There’s a definite mild kick-thrill       in of us being together, even for a moment.           Wow! US!) (In another dimension […]

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