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March, 2016

Fuzzy Boundaries

‘Tis the season where politics tends to contaminate all sorts of things. I get messages on an email list-serve that I belong to that’s supposed to deal with other topics, but on occasion people insert their political messages. I realized that for the most part we tend to “respect” others’ opinions, but what does that […]

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Why I Don’t Go to Movies

  (Well, sometimes I do, but it takes me days or more to get the stuff out of my brain. On occasion, I want that stuff in my mind, but mainly not. Otherwise, they all seem like variations on this chart I saw in Time Magazine 3/7/16 p. 31 (created by John Atkinson, Wrong Hands […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

Bluebonnets peeking through, as are light green leaves. If you look just right you’ll be able to see the elves awakening and frolicking! I can’t bring myself to shout at them, “Hey you kids, it’s not even springtime—yet—but pretty soon. Well, anyway, hello there all, ye known and unknown to humankind.

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Ultimate Truth (Maybe)

We all have intrinsic quirkiness—and that 9.3% of us even allow it to be expressed interpersonally; only 2.1% know they do it on purpose—but they don’t know what they’re really doing.  Only 0.0021% know what interpersonal quirkiness is about:    We all live in separate realities that we co-construct both unconsciously and to a rare minor […]

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Density of Eventfulness

The angels have been conspiring to remind lil’ ol’ me that life is shorter than I thought, and I realized that others also are prioritizing—or needing to. There’s a density of eventfulness. There have been changes in how much I feel this way or that, so that such and such seems important! I’ve noticed that […]

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Actually, all of these overlap in a sense. Multi-dimensionality does that kind of thing. Actually, who we are are extensions of a multi-dimensional reality. The meaning of that line is why I have come to preach to those who have ears to hear. For example, here is a teeny-tiny picture of a teeny-tiny fragment of […]

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All Roads Lead to Illusion

As I reflect on the series of lectures on illusions that I gave last month for Senior University Georgetown, it became increasingly clear that a variety of phenomena that have not been vividly recognized as being similar—i.e., illusory—should be so thought of:   – the defense mechanisms of the psychoanalysts, and some of the other […]

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Critical Thinking Needed!

We are given so very many ways to think and so many things to think about. (I’ve chosen to not think about an ever-increasing variety of things that I used to feel obliged to think about, but now I’m focusing a bit.) We’ve also begun to be given more ways to think about the ways […]

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Multi-Dimensional Mind

At one dimension—a line—we notice more or less of something, a spectrum. There are innumerable spectrums on all sorts of criteria or parameters. (My son David wrote a book about Spectrums, but he only touched the most obvious physical parameters.) In two dimensions—on paper on a computer screen—all sorts of patterns can be noted, as […]

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