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August, 2012

Pseudo-Psychodrama as Rhetoric

It pained me to see Clint Eastwood using the “empty chair” technique in a way that was absolutely not the way it was meant to be used in his speech at the Republican convention. Even if you’re for Romney, Eastwood’s misuse of this little dramatic technique was appalling. It’s hypnotic, you see. People kept “hearing” […]

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Reasons for Non-Reason

A recent and most interesting book came to my attention, Matthew Hutson’s 2012 The Seven Laws of Magical Thinking, subtitled How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane  (New York: Hudson Street Press / Penguin). I’ve been thinking of the phenomena associated with illusion for much of my life. From rhetoric, propaganda and semantics […]

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Natural Inclusionality Approved

I have been corresponding with some acquaintances who in my estimate are really very bright, and I’m honored to be included in their circle. One Alan Rayner, is a retired professor of biology in England who evolved a theory of what he calls “Natural Inclusionality,” an approach that he thinks (and I agree in general) […]

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Social-Depth Psychology

Fields become more complex as new developments and tools for examination emerge. Bacteriology evolved to include other microscopic and sub-microscopic agents, viruses, Rickettsiae, etc. So, too, 20th century psychology and sociology will be viewed in the next century, I predict, as  offering promising beginnings, but still coarse. Already the discovery of the mirror neuron system […]

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Spectro-Psychography II

For some time I’ve been thinking about how there are so many things that are best thought about as as spectrum, from too little to just right, to too much. I hinted at this in my post yesterday and wrote about this also on my website Another boost to this idea was the work my […]

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This is a neologism, a word I’ve just made up: So far it’s not on Google. It refers to the consideration of the ways mental phenomena can be viewed as a continuum, with different areas possessing different qualities. These are innumerable and I invite you to play. Send me your ideas and if I like […]

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Confabulations Journal

Following on the previous blog, go to my website and browse my series of cartoon-illustrated personal fun “Confabulations: A Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy. (It turns out there is actually a journal of speculative philosophy so I had to add the “Very”!) My journal, so to speak, has been produced as a vehicle for the […]

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“Confabulation” as I learned about it almost 50 years ago is a neurological condition (when it’s done flagrantly) in which people are not obviously demented, but will immediately spin out a plausible story, a pseudo-memory, and sincerely feel that it happened. What occurred to me some years back is that (1) this is what happens […]

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Confabulations 21

Implicate Orders The “Order” of the Universe There is a certain order in the cosmos that interacts with the order-ing functions of human minds to give a semblance of “out-there” order, but the more we look the more we find mystery and certain features that don’t exactly fit. Then we conscious beings need to go […]


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Let Flow

Instead of Let Go, this inner rule is still not absolute. Let flow 89% plus or minus. There’s still a need to exercise discrimination, judgment, responsibility. Maybe that rises from 11% to 32.5%, because becoming to slack, secretly or unconsciously hoping God or the Angels or Providence will do it for you is folly. They […]

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