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January, 2013

Getting Sick, Getting Better

In the first few weeks of January I had a cold (not a flu) that still depleted my energy and appetite and even after the respiratory symptoms cleared up after about 2 weeks I have felt draggy. But more, I’ve felt that everything seems too much, a bit overwhelming, a steep hill. There’s been a […]

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Psychological-Mindedness Confronts Simplicity

People have a deep sense of entitlement to being able to perceive and think about the world in simple terms. It’s easier to imagine that there is either sin or virtue, and we still have a subtle backwash from the belief in higher and lower classes. People feel entitled to scold: “Don’t muddy up the […]

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Folk Dance Sprites

Life as we know it is infused with vital energies from the cosmic ground of being, and humans tend to anthropomorphize, to personify, to imagine these as gods and angels, faeries and sprites. Of late (the last 300 years) we have moved towards de-animating life, making it more a machine, blind forces that have no […]

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A Cosmic Compass

For those of you who lose your way, perhaps this may help. It is a cosmic compass. Actually, it may not help much, because “direction” is such as 3-dimensional… well, dimension? Realm? (But the true cosmos, you know, is very multi-dimensional and includes, for example, dreams.) But the point in the symbolism below is really, […]

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I Changed My Name!

Yes! And if you don’t like your name, maybe you can change your name, too! Why not? Re-invent yourself. Before that my given name was Howard, which was—how shall I say it—an okay name for the 1920s and ‘30s, but kinda dorky. Howard-the-Coward. Yuk. But I had become involved in learning more about psychodrama, and […]

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My Angels!

Dear angels, helping me to be. There’s a platoon of them, some 25 – 35, I guess, though I don’t know. More than 15 for sure, less than 70, but they do have access to liaison angels, consulting angels from another sphere, and so forth. The great God-of-Everything-Becoming is way too busy being a billion […]

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The Whizzard of Ahs

This is a bit of an autobiographical contemplation: Perhaps I too am a bit like the Wizard of Oz, not a great wizard, but really a good man. Maybe my name in another story would be “The Wise Art of Ah’s” or the “Whizzerd.” Anyway, the point of this post is: Who is to say. […]

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Becoming More Spontaneous

One of a number of chosen missions in life is to help people re-own their own natural potential for spontaneity and their capacity for exploratory playfulness. As Allee and I write in The Art of Play (which we’re presently re-writing), spontaneity and playfulness not in itself childish. Although its roots begin in early childhood, and […]

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Why Don’t They Lock Up the Nuts?

I as talking with an acquaintance who was dismayed and a bit angry at the murders by nuts around the country. “Why don’t they lock ‘em up?” It turned out that she really believed that psychiatrists were able to tell with some degree of accuracy who was really dangerous and who wasn’t. She was a […]

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