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Leprechaun Power

Originally posted on March 14, 2014

Here’s a little thought for St. Patrick’s Day: Please take it as seriously or as playfully as you like. At this point in history, most reputable people don’t yet believe in elves. (And by elves I mean anthropomorphic representations of semi-cosmic resonant energy fields.) It’s interesting, because belief in cosmic resonant energy fields such as angels or saints or God are common, even though their beliefs are contaminated with centuries or millenniums (spell check won’t pass millennia !) of wrong understanding. Nevertheless, Grace is always there, even for complete non-believers in western religion! (Ah, humans tend to be so ethnocentric at this point in their evolution!)

To explain further: Our 3-D world of material manifestation is only a "surface" of the 4- and 5- and 6-D worlds of which we catch glimpses in our dreams. Not that our world is inconsequential. This 3-D & Time plus matter realm is where "it happens." Becoming crystallizes into forms that stick around for a while, concrete existence! God is most proud of our world (and other physical worlds which we have not yet disovered): Our 3-D etc. realm offers illusions that, unlike dream realms, stick around for a while before dissolving—sometimes days, months, years, even centuries!

Anyway, the Leprechauns and me (and my ilk, if you know what I mean) offer resonant energy fields. Humans have hardly learned to tap into this realm with any efficiency, having built myths that they all-too-literally believe, which is not the proper way to work with myths. (The game is to half-believe, use them, and when it is not useful to use them, don’t use them!)

That’s message of St. Patrick’s day, in my humble opinion: the power of leprechauns to deepen our contemplations. (However, I fear that I may be a century ahead of my time and that few will believe any of this. Oh, well.)

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