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My Dharma

Originally posted on October 21, 2015

It occurred to me that I’m twenty rows back, supporting those in front. I’m still part of the 0.01% of the vanguard of evolution, at least in this part of the cosmos but yet not the leaders. Nor do I need to be, nor want to be. Higher conscious-ness than mine carries with it more karma, and more whatever, not for me. So I get on with writing my various books and papers, give lectures and presentations, post on my website.    

This blog is part of my dharma, what I have accepted that I must do. It’s part of the afore-mentioned dharma, what I must do. It includes my witnessing to new visions of what the cosmos and God are about, knowing that I cannot begin to really know. That is, a bit of theology and a bit of epistemology. My theory is that God enjoys our speculations. As for really knowing: I doubt very strongly whether humans can ever, ever really “know.” Our puny human brains can’t hold it. We must evolve ever-more comprehensive layers of myth. I like the present myth of the Big Bang and two hundred billion galaxies expanding at a great rate. As for other forms of knowledge on higher levels? I know from nothing!

But perhaps that itself is an insight, a point of humility: I yam what I yam, as Popeye the Sailor- Man might say in the 1930s cartoon-comics. We have our roles to play. I do what I can, others do what they can. Maybe there’s a tiny percentage of goal setting and striving that can be added on, but only a relatively small amount per generation.

The idea that there is not a given dharma, but a negotiated one, and that it unfolds within cultures that are likewise evolving, and this is how it happens in three dimensional space-time, which is the “skin” or “field of action” for the becoming God, also known as the God-Becoming-Everything.

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