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The Bubbling Multiverse

Originally posted on July 25, 2013

In one sense there is indeed a Universe, as the ultimate God, the Everything Becoming, includes in its one-ness all dimensions, minds, potentialities, etc. But it’s a universe that is much vaster than the three-dimensions of space in which hundreds of billions of galaxies spread over inconceivable distances. This universe of space and mass and energy and time is just the universe as we can perceive it with our most powerful instruments, telescopes, expanded in power many-fold in the last century! What we don’t know about any more than humanity didn’t know about germs or other galaxies two hundred years ago is that there are multiple dimensions, more properly called a “multi-verse,” which may be recognized as mainly mind-stuff.

I know, you guys don’t believe in mind-stuff as properly operating beyond the boundaries of your own individual or even collective craniums. You’re beginning to awaken to animals having minds, and a few of you have “got” the notion that all life, and all of what you consider non-life, also have “souls” or “minds.” The evidence is accumulating, but still not compelling to your minds: Dark matter, dark energy, what was before the Big Bang, more lately the “Higgs Boson” and Higgs field—all nudges that there is more, but materialist science fiercely resists the obvious—though you live with it most intimately in your everyday life: Every being—your own family—lives in its own “world” (dimension, realm—the language here is still being worked out on your planet).

It’s a multi-verse, and to stretch your mind more, you are co-creating it all by your thoughts, and most of these—just to stretch you more—are unconscious attitudes, beliefs, etc. Now pause and try to absorb this: You’re at best only half-conscious in the full spectrum of what consciousness can be. Maybe a quarter. As you become more conscious you’ll become more aware of (1) the truth of these points; (2) the need to become more conscious so as to align your will with your highest values (most people have a very poor alignment this way); and, best, (3) you’ll be learning ways to do the previous task! Yay! So it’ll happen eventually, and knowing that it will happen and should happen will help prepare for it to happen.

To help it happen, we portray in 2-D as a cartoon-drawing a hint, what I call the “Bubbling Multiverse.” It might equally be a schematic picture of the way mental constructs emerge, form, become bubbles expanding from the inside, float to the top of the cosmic mush—much as cereal cooks in the morning—and consciousness evolves. Hang with the rising bubble, allow yourself to align somewhat with various spiritual sages, saints, gurus, teachers, and honor also your own individuality. Easier said than done, but it’s a beginning.

(Oh, the mandala at the top is darker: That’s our verdant, mainly plant-infested world, planet Earth, as we know it. [Although I help articulate the grand perspective, I, the author of this blog, am also identified as a human, so I own this role.] And while our more familiar “world” is becoming more urbanized than it was even a few centuries ago, it is still mainly green, and trees and plants express our mental roots more than artificially-constructed “things”—though that is changing. Still, that’s a symbol of our collective world and our archetypal roots in the forest and shrub, sort of.)

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