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May, 2014


I think that’s the call of a Cardinal-bird. A walk on a late Spring morning, with Allee, who is recovering from an appendectomy. (It was done with one of those little ‘scopes that go in through the belly button.) Wow. In the olden days she would have had to stay in the hospital a couple […]

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Zen Network

My wife is on a Zen Buddhist study group e-network recently, and we were chatting about her spiritual journey. She’s impressed with the very fact that these new friends have sought to raise their consciousness; they’ve embarked on a journey that is in itself sufficient. (The Hebrew word for this is “dayenu,” meaning, “that would […]

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One of my subtle roles has been as a true romantic, one of the boy-girl fall-in-love romantic. It was a theme in the 1920s through the 1950s, but then increasing notes of cynicism crept into popular music—alas. Happily, my second wife is equally romantic. I realized, listening to Frank Sinatra’s songs on my audio-tape cassette […]

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My Karma

I’ve had it easy. No, Uncle Bud says, You were given the stresses and challenges you could handle, precisely calibrated to your talents and potentials. A small part of this judges—erroneously—and compares myself to the cultural ideal of the courageous and stoical Marine who takes on stresses of the training and the battlefield that would […]

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The Big Joke

I heard this intriguing prayer: “Lord, if you can forgive the many little jokes I’ve played on you, I’ll try to forgive the one gigantic joke you’re playing on me!” I vaguely recognized that God’s big joke is that we die. I pondered this: How is it a joke? Well, our life story at this […]

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Rich Inner Life

I’m tempted to think that everyone has a rich inner life, but my wife says that’s not so. She asked me to think about it, so I did. First, I am reminded that what’s true for me is most definitely not so for others. There are many differences in temperament and other variables. My autobiography […]

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Mind Dimensions

I’ve been reading Prof. Alan Lightman’s book of essays title, “The Accidental Universe,” (2013, Pantheon Books) and what occurred to me is that in talking about the mind-boggling complexities of the sizes of stuff, it’s mysterious energy and all, the author nevertheless omitted (it seems) the most obvious factor: mind.  Or perhaps he did acknowledge […]

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Junior Prophet?

Well, what should I call this status role? It’s significantly less than a full-blown prophet, but it points out or explains what a real prophet might have been alluding to. Prophet-ette? Maybe. There is the phenomenon of people tending to say they’re true followers while in fact deviating in certain ways from the prophet’s intended […]

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Understanding Understanding

Reading in the March 2014 Smithsonian an article about Carl Sagan, on p.71, he says, “I think I’m able to explain things because understanding wasn’t entirely easy for me. Some things the most brilliant students were able to see instantly I had to work to understand. I can remember what I had to do to […]

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Final Letter

I thought I’d post this now because in the future I may be too forgetful, preoccupied, or disabled  to do this. So (possibly way in advance): It was great, and now I’m finished. Thanks for all you’ve all done. Most of you have been friends who’ve helped me.  Admittedly, some few of you haven’t liked […]

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