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August, 2016

Sam Hurt’s “Eyebeam”

I enjoy this cartoon strip, and it has a number of sub-plots, themes that involve a variety of the main character’s friend. One of those that I especially enjoy is “Hank the Hallucination,” about which the following is shown: I enjoy the author’s evident enjoyment of the idea of hallucinating, which, although a sign of […]

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The Human Potential Movement Revisited

I realized this morning that my life is to some degree a “product” of the Human Potential Movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. This was a sub-cultural movement that blossomed in urban centers, more vividly in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and nearby regions (such as the Esalen Institute about 100 miles […]

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Divesting More

I have tons (literally) of books, and am an admitted bibliophile—but I’m app-roaching treating my desire as a mild addiction, sometimes called “biblioholism,” and undertaking a program of divesting. It’s difficult, and full of discoveries. I have attachments to categories of topics that I am coming to recognize that I shall not revisit. There are […]

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Gary Larson, Cartoonist

This is the non-anniversary of Gary Larson’s retirement, which was around December 1994. Gee, it occurs to me that many people have grown quite up without knowing about this wonderful cartoonist. He introduced a madcap style of  cartooning that has been followed by others. When he left I felt bereft, but I just found two […]

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Working on My Magnum Opus

Working on My Magnum Opus: my great work, which may be titled “Dimension-ality.” It’s a summation of my several studies in psychiatry, process theology, new-age philosophy, transpersonal psychology, comparative religions, and bunches of other readings. It’s all coming out in a cartoon-doodle-illustrated book that’s mainly mandalas, but also an illustrated commentary as to how these […]

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