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June, 2011

The Psychology of Rapport: Sociometry

The Brafman brothers’ recent book, “Click,” and other writings speak to an extension of the growing popularity of applied social psychology and social intelligence, which is a sub-trend in contemporary psychology. Back in the 1930s, one of my teachers, Dr. J. L. Moreno, was writing about this dynamic. He became more well known for his […]

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What Are Old People For?

That’s the title of a book written in 2004 by Dr. William H. Thomas, subtitle: How elders will save the world. (Acton, MA: VanderWyk & Burnham, 2004). He brings up many points that I find important. I have become interested in subtle forms of oppression—including overt and subtle forms of age-ism—a theme that has become […]

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Moldy-Dimensional Whatever

(An occasional paper of the Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy) by Adam Blatner, Confabulologist Extraordinaire For more fun, see Fractal Metaphysics;    or  No. 2 of this Journal   or Try to Explain If you really examine the properties of the moldy-dimensional whatever, which is sort of like the multi-dimensional beyond-space-time, only more elusive, there is a distinct danger of your brain […]

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I woke up from a dream, and on and forgetting the rich eventful-ness of what was going on in the dream, I experienced a pang of grief-loss. I sensed that dream  was still engaging my interest, though I couldn’t say why. Dreams have that power. Then another frame of reference kicked in: I’ve learned to […]

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Factors in Human Development

There are so many things to take into consideration when trying to understand a human life. Several years ago I made a tentative list on some of the many issues affecting the development of babies, children, and teenagers. Today I posted another paper that offered a preliminary listing of many of the issues that affect […]

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The Pervasiveness of Illusion

On a paper on my website I present what I said (sort of) to those attending the June / Summer program of the Senior University Georgetown, where I often teach. I find that we’ve shifted in our awareness of the pervasiveness of illusion so that instead of illusion being a sometime thing, these dynamics tend […]

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Non-Rational Mind

In late January, 2011,  I wrote about the “amplifying unconscious” as a feature of the mind that is as yet hardly known.  This blog will present another category, the Non-Rational Mind, which roughly but not precisely correlates with the “right brain” functions. This category may overlap in a few way with the amplifying unconscious. (I […]

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Considering Socio-Cultural Factors

We should consider the socio-cultural factors operating in a situation. (Some of the factors in human development are discussed on another paper on my website. In the future, I’ll explore in another paper some of the factors in adulthood, too, including socio-cultural factors—but of course I won’t pretend to be comprehensive.) Considering the socio-cultural factors […]

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The Journal of Universal Rejection

I heard about this journal and sent in some silly stuff and found myself going back and forth with the mysterious editor. Apparently they’ve organized a rather funny take on the whole enterprise of academic journal whatever. Now they have a blog, and the editor included a bit of my correspondence with them.  And now […]

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The Potential of Psychodrama

Psychodrama as a term has two meanings: It has become used as a general term for the whole of the work of its inventor, Dr. Jacob L. Moreno, and in that sense, it includes sociometry; spontaneity development; the use of improvisation in theatre; role theory in social psychology; the use of interactive group therapy and […]

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