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July, 2017

Spiritual Journeys

One of my life themes or journeys has been a sort-of wrestling match with God. In the first phase, below the age of twelve, I accepted without any personal feelings. Nothing more was being asked of me—just some involvement in my dualistic identity as a Jew whose “people” had all these long-ago experiences—and some not […]

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Action Explorations Explained

It seems that psychodrama has two roles in modern culture: (1) psychodrama may be used as “therapy,” or (2) it may be used quite apart from therapy, to serve other goals of consciousness-raising. In business, education, personal development, role training in industry, for conflict-resolution, play, and so forth, what I call “action explorations” applies psychodramatic […]

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I Found God (Sort-of)

At least I think it’s God. Or, more likely, a projection of Her/His/Its shadow. The Ground of Being itself can’t be directly perceived with either senses or even intuition. Anyway, as I get ready to turn eighty, I do believe there’s something that gives rise to our reality  “Higher Power” is the wrong word. It […]

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My dear cousin said that I do amazing doodle-art: “This is better than Rorschach! They also look like a gorgeous sequence of cathedral rose windows.” I guess so. I just doodle with a compass, but of course my genius—“genius” refers to a guardian spirit during the centuries BC and AD. Genius or genii guide my […]

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Both Sides Now

I heard a song back in 1968 or thereabouts, with that title and have enjoyed singing it—it’s by Joni Mitchell,  written in 1967, re-sung by Judy Collins the next year or so. It begins, singing about clouds, “Bows and flows of angel’s hair…”  I was just writing to a friend back where I used to […]

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Creativity Enhancement

Action Explorations are really just using psychodramatic methods and related approaches as tools for enhancing creativity, in business, community-building, education, even developing spirituality. Applied beyond the context of psychotherapy, though, I prefer using the term “action explorations.” In other fields, creativity itself  is being recognized as a valuable dynamic in producing ever more useful innovations. […]

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The denouement is that part of a play where the loose threads are tied together. I’m winding up my many-faceted life, and need some time to do this, because so many “roles” are as yet unfinished. But again, many roles are indeed finished, or almost so—although I reserve the right to “re-open that file.”  Pretty […]

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Consider the Universe

Consider that the universe—which includes every thought as well as everything— is expanding, as is God, and we get to be a tiny part of it. Do not think that you’re praising God by presuming S/He’s all finished. Consider—open to the idea—that an unfinished, open-ended creative process is quite a bit more glorious than a […]

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Improv (-isational Drama)

​Some people from the world of theatre got into improv comedy about 50 years ago, and from thence. gradually, into improv in everyday work and life. This has been a little like those horse races where the lesser-well-known horse comes up from behind and wins the race. Moreno’s venture into psychiatry and improv theater combined […]

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This is “My Brave”

Moreno’s theory of group work did not necessarily involve psychodrama. Of course it bridges over naturally, but my emphasis here is that just doing it openly in a group has healing power. There is a website called   that opens mental illness up wide!  Wow! 

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