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Sam Hurt’s “Eyebeam”

Originally posted on August 31, 2016

I enjoy this cartoon strip, and it has a number of sub-plots, themes that involve a variety of the main character’s friend. One of those that I especially enjoy is “Hank the Hallucination,” about which the following is shown:



I enjoy the author’s evident enjoyment of the idea of hallucinating, which, although a sign of psychosis, is in his case evidently not. It’s a variation of my entertaining elves and fairies, a celebration of imaginativeness.

Another cartoon from this same comic book that I picked up at a comic convention is this one:


This is taken from a classical text on mysticism, which takes off on Plato’s metaphor of the cave. (You can look it up.) Again, Mr. Hurt integrates imagin-ation and reality, which is what I also try to do.

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