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New Revelations

Originally posted on January 16, 2014

    (Or might they just be fantasies?) It has gradually been revealed to me that I am a representative from the World of Almost-Real, a world in which faeries, sprites trolls, hobgolblins, brownies, elves, and other imagined beings reside. They are co-created by a convergence of resonances from human minds (such as you, believing in them), themselves (in all their individuality), and beyond them, also by the higher realms of the Cosmic Unconscious, wherein dwell the small-g-gods or angelic beings. All these—how shall we put it?—“semi-exist.”
     (Now for those who tend towards conventional notions of “normality” and/or are plagued by skepticism or cynicism: Relax, this is simply blather; I’m just making this stuff up. Foolin’ around. Play. Ah, but for those who find it somewhat appealing, read on!)


The picture above reveal the elusive form-like shape taken by a bunch of these guys waiting for their “orders.” (Alas, much is lost in translation as I shift between dimensions.)

But for you who may be to varying degrees sensitive or open to these realms, read on. Change what you want to change—whatever will stimulate and liberate your imagination. For me—Adam —  it’s more through the channel of my fingertips and the art or writing about rather than directly relating to them. I’m inspired by not very psychic.

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