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September, 2016

I’m Not a Cheese

Kids learn weird songs such as “The Farmer in the Dell.” Unless the birthday boy or gets it, and nowadays he might not, it’s not funny. It’s a bit of name-calling. But the other kids are innocent and well-disposed, so there’s a disconnect here. I suspect that as time goes on many seemingly innocent bits […]

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Mathematical equations as we know them are limited to our ability to specify and quantify, which is great, as far as it goes. Pictures often have subtleties not amen-able to definition, thought. At higher dimensions this fuzziness is a disadvantage to people who believe that things can be quantified. At a certain “level” this is […]

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I know, I extended the word divesting so that it’s bigger and that there’s no such word. I am fooling around and probably will until I die, maybe even after. The fooling around role, that part of me, speaks for the clown archetype which has been lively in my personality since childhood. I loved comedians […]

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Geometry of Logarithmic Spirals

One of my low-priority hobbies is a bit of geometry, as it helps me contemplate the intricacies of God’s creation. The phenomenon of “geometric spirals” grabbed my attention recently. Both rectangles and  triangles can be constructed so that their vertices describe a shrinking (or expanding) spiral. Here’s the big picture: Now, below is the spiral […]

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Higher Dimensional Thinking

Yes, about “straight answers”— what if at higher dimensional levels of mind there are no straight answers?   so I’m putting on my blog and also will weave into my lectures: S.J. Perelman, in his book, Most of the Most of S.J. Perelman (Modern Library, NY, 2000), on page 64, wrote: “Yet figures, which I am […]

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I Gotta Be Me (?)

This cartoon by Gary Larson over 20 years ago struck me as funny. There’s a part of me who is this penguin. There’s another part who finds my stance pitiful, because I know that there are thousands, millions of other entities working “in the fields of the Lord” to advance humanity and the evolution of […]

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On “Evidence-Based” Psychotherapy

Edward Schreiber has published one of the last sections (on Psychodrama, Sociometry, Sociodrama, and Sociatry, pages 2952-2956, in Chapter 30 in Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry—a major textbook in the field. (Previous editions had given Moreno himself significantly greater number of pages.) Interestingly, the earlier editions in 1973 or thereabouts gave psychodrama a […]

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Surgical Instruments

One of the ironies of my life is that although I ended up in psychiatry, as a kid I wanted to be a surgeon. I had no idea what was involved. But since I needed surgery (as a kid—and in pretty much cured me), this lovely article in LIFE magazine on February 11, 1946 was […]

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