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December, 2011

Check Your Check Lists

In preparation for one of our projects this last year—in this case, the visit of both of my adult kids and their families, I remembered this joke: Moses is at the Red Sea shore. Behind him are 10,000 of the Hebrew liberated slaves, plus their families and what little they can carry with them. They […]

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Three items on this blog:  First, about popularity. When I grew up in the olden days, in the early 1950s, I had a sense that I should become popular. Something about making friends. I read books about it. “How to Make Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie was a key—but it addressed salesmanship, and […]

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If I Was Smarter…

In the olden days, when I was young….  Well, now that I think of it, when I was middle-aged, too. Indeed, a couple of years ago I still was making mistakes that I don’t make as often nowadays. Am I getting smarter? And if I would have been smarter, what would have come of it? […]

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Tell Me About Your Play Experiences

I’m preparing a revised edition of my Art of Play book. So, trying to update my background material, this is an open letter to those interested in the phenomenon of play, and mainly more improvisational and imaginative types, pretend play, etc. I’m interested to hear about a number of things:    – people doing research […]

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Bibliodrama and Noah’s Ark

I just found out about a story, “In the Shadow of the Ark,” by Anne Prevoost, who explores the Noah story from the viewpoint of those not chosen to be saved. It strikes me as a good warm-up to a group process of Bibliodrama, exploring through improvised enactment the story, and adding comments by those […]

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Holiday Greetings from Another World

My flying-saucer-little-green-man friend — "Zordak" by name— sent this in response to my trying to explain to him our Holiday season. “He” (actually, gender in his world is not so easily characterized, but we’ll use that pronoun rather than go into it) wanted to share in the spirit, and he sent this little message: Actually, […]

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Imperfect Creativity

Okay, these are estimates I’ve just made up out of the blue, but the point is to wonder about how the creative process operates in the world. So, consider that creativity generates 2,409 new breakthroughs or generative ideas per minute (or second?) on this planet: 48% on re-thinking are either absurd or face overwhelming obstacles. […]

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