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June, 2012

Heathrow Airport: Mind-Blowingly Vast

A few days ago we came home from a trip to England—to the British Psychodrama Association’s annual conference where Allee and I presented the keynote workshop—and again came through Heathrow Airport. This blog is about the recognition that Heathrow is not only the 4th busiest airport in the world, but the first ranked in the […]

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Disney Getting Metaphysical?

The Walt Disney Corporation apparently has sponsored this song about the way we’re all in this together, a song, “One Everything.” (It is sung by the group, They Might be Giants.” The implications are significant: If it is indeed so that we are part of an “Everything” (and Spinoza equated this mind-boggling idea with God), […]

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What Isn’t Said Overtly

I’m presenting at the annual meeting of the British Psychodrama Association, a keynote workshop on the general conference theme of innovation and integration in psychodrama. I have much to say didactically and will post that on my website—the workshop itself will be mainly experiential. The key innovation to be presented there is simply a heightening […]

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Proto-Mayanoid Higher Math Problem

My friend Zordak, the inter-dimensional flying-saucer lil’ green alien, showed me this: His explanation is that the Proto-Mayans do indeed do a complex equivalent of higher mathematics, with equations-like problems. The Proto-Mayans were a group of higher dimensional beings, sort of a star-trek gang, who visited the emerging cultures of Central America about 3000 years […]

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Confabulations (More)

I make up stuff, fool around. A fancy word for that is “confabulation.” At the bottom of my listing of Papers on my website are the links to a series of webpages that have to do with foolin’ around, mythmaking, art, and miscellaneous other stuff. It’s an art form, my wife says, a mixture of […]

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Confabulations 20

Multi-Dimensional Mind A conference I attended in late June, 2012 (The British Psychodrama Association Conference west of London) has as its theme Innovations and Integrations. What struck me about the design (above), which is fine, is that it draws on the metaphor of mechanism, clockworks, gears. Someone observed that the mind in its complexity tends […]


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Confabulations 19

A Book Report on Peter Rabbit Note: In 2009 I played the role of Linus in our Sun City Texas Theatre Club production of the 1969 Off-Broadway musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, based on the cartoon strip, Peanuts. I played Linus, and in the play several of us were asked to do a “Book […]


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Textures of Reality (Number x-1)

Beyond mass, energy, time and space, there is also mind—but that opens up to innumerable frames of reference. The point of all this is that the dimensions aren’t merely geometrical, but they suggest moods, paradoxes, questions, excitements, confusions, self-deceptions, illusions, and all sorts of other things. In another reality, I haven’t figured out how to […]

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Peeking Out

The picture above on my new blog post. Cartoon characters I did as fillers for the University of California newspaper, the Daily Cal, starting in my late Freshman year, around 1956. Looking back, this was a continuation of sketches, and the beginnings of a repertoire of characters who gradually accumulated backstories, qualities of who their […]

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Adding Depth Psychology to the Collaboratory

There’s a new web network HASTAC—humanities, arts, sciences, technology, “Advanced Collaboratory.” Collaboratory? What a great word! Anyways, I thought I’d join and try to play with some of those folks (maybe you?) I wrote on my blog there: I notice you don’t have a category for depth psychology. While rather far from Freud in most […]

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