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August, 2017

Drawing the Best Forward

I want to help in integrating the best creative developments of the creative arts therapies. Indeed, it’s not just for therapy. Normal people need encouragement to use the creative arts, to improvise. The conventional school system says in effect, "I don’t care about your creativity. Learn what we know. That ought to be sufficient." But […]

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Paradigm Shifts and Action Explorations

This blog poet also might be titled “Psychodrama Beyond the Medical Model.” Psychodrama is mostly used as psychotherapy, but a sizable component does not require the medical model! While psychodrama as psychotherapy is being squeezed out by evidence-based medicine, let’s let Moreno’s work find new life as “creativity expansion” or “action explorations.” This opens to […]

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Dare to Be Creative

I’m wondering what I might yet do, what others are too busy to do. First, I’m not the only one, but perhaps your question will generate good things: I need help in my goals to integrate the best creative developments of the creative arts therapies. One thing I think you’ve noticed is that normal people […]

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Truth (?)

Can something be true but not the whole truth? Forgive my fooling with what seems to be cut and dried, but by no means am I alone in this question. First, some history: Propaganda I became intrigued with propaganda in my early teens, in the early 1950s. Propaganda was a bad word, I knew that. […]

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Circuses Without Animals

Reading the July/August 2017 Smithsonian, it has an article about changes in circuses: A century or so ago,  through to when I was a lad in the 1940s, circuses exploited captured animals—bareback riders, lion- and tiger-tamers, tricks with elephants , but in the early 21st Century acts that featured animals were phased out. Acts that […]

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Time Passes, Fashions Change

There was a comic strip for a while titled Mother Goose and Grimm, in 1995 or so—and the title of the  strip in question is Vampire Coffee Houses, and it shows a vampire is singing on a guitar, “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me shrivel up and blow away;   Sunshine on my eyes burns […]

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Denouement 2

(Look it up for the meaning!). A French term used in drama to refer to the final scene. As Frank Sinatra sang, in his signature song, My Way, “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain.” So I’m entering that phase, the denouement of my life: Tying up loose ends. […]

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Mondegreens and the Gestalt Function

On mis-hearings.  And wondered that the late Dr. Sacks didn’t mention mon-degreen ("")—i.e.,  mis-hearings. I agree with his challenging of Freud. The point to be made is that the unconscious mind is super-fast, really should be called perhaps the “super-conscious,” and has no difficulty manufacturing (confabulating) meanings that to some degree make sense, even if […]

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Equality? Wow.

I hadn’t been aware that I had been harboring elitist sentiments until a Unitarian church service that valorized sports. Then I realized that I had subconsciously thought of my own interests as superior—but when I looked again, I realized that a theme that is no interest to 75% of the people is hardly superior in […]

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Notes on Transference and Sociometry

Freud was right that often we react to some people the way we reacted to other people who had some rough similarity. It’s simple generalization. Freud called it transference. But over time it all becomes more complex: What if the other person smiles at us instead of frowns? We may be more likely to be […]

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