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June, 2008

The Fragility of Memory

Evidence continues to accumulate regarding the fragility of memory. Beyond the scandal of the “recovered memory syndrome” around 1992 and other ways that distortions of memory have been used (or probably mis-used) in many kinds of legal proceedings, attention to this problem is an important corrective in our tendencies to give more authority to certain […]

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New Posts on my Website

Sometimes my percolating brain generates more extensive essays, which I post on my website. The following posted today are worth checking out: 1. Belonging-ness: Posted on webpage: 2. Paradigm Shift: My intuition is that we are in the midst of several fundamental shifts of world-view. One is the developing of more complex forms of […]

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Reiteration as an Important Component of Communications

Reiteration in communications means saying something repeatedly in slightly different ways. The point is that saying it just once may not be effective, not only because the information is not adequately processed by the audience, but also because the receptivity to the message is embedded within a context of a perceived relationship. What is communicated […]

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