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April, 2012

Types and the Power of Folly

How much insight can we expect people to develop in our time? I am wary about this, because it seems to me that very few people value or expect to experience true creative breakthroughs. That expectation is a rare “meme”—a term for an idea that catches on. In contrast, a meme that has widely caught […]

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Opening Frontiers of Knowledge

Consider that we live at the surface of existence, and are learning to partake of increasing “depth” through successive expansions in many directions, including some of the following: During the 15th and 16th century, the Renaissance, Western culture expanded to reconnect with its own pre-medieval past, the classic Graeco-Roman civilization, along with the spiritual traditions […]

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Expanding Ur Life

For those who might want to enjoy and expand their perspectives, check out the other web-blog postings on this site. (For those as busy as my wife, never mind. Who has time?) For those who are in-between and want something more substantial than the boob tube to stimulate their mind, I volunteer to be your […]

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Insti-toot 4 Certificate-ology

International Institute of Certificatology is announcing its grand opening! You can create, grant, authorize, bestow, honor, recognize, authenticate, issue diplomas and (of course) certify as well as the best of ‘em! Deans, Boards of Examiners, Dipploma Mills, so-called “recognized” universities, and other establishment types and their pseudo-minions have no authority , other than what the […]

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Optimal Mental Flexibility

That’s a nice way of saying “just a few screws loose,” which, it turns out, is optimal. A little tiny bit wacko or playful or silly or goofy—the terminology differs with different locales in the multiverse— is what’s needed to be creative and enjoyable to others. Too serious and you’re well, “too”—even though you may […]

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More Metaphysical Ontology?!

Yes! Here’s the low down on the higher-ups! Try on this metaphor for size: I (and you, of course,  all of us) am sort of a cell surface on the skin on the edge of a ridge in a pattern of finger-prints on the tip of a finger and where I connect with the world, […]

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Framming the Zhork-2

Zordak (pictured on the right) offered a further elaboration of what “Framming the Zhork” might entail, responding to my entreaties: “Please, anything. What are you talking about.” He sent this: “Here. Fat lot of good it’ll do you.” There will be of course a variety of problems in translation. For example that mid-1960s fancy automobile […]

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Society for Metaphysical Ontology

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for membership in the category of “initiate” of the the Society for Metaphysical Ontology. SOM.  Oh, you want to know what this society is? It’s a society that promotes the notion of existence for that which is metaphysical, or beyond the ordinary physical. Humanity in […]

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Confabulations 17

Cosmic Soup Infinite Permutations In the cosmic soup at a certain level, it looks like what you see on the right. Each entity is only a projection of a multi-dimensional “being” (and Humans are hard-pressed to imagine even what such a “being” is like, much less conceive of dimensions other than their own three dimensions […]


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Action Explorations

This is my term for a class of activities that used to be lumped with drama, psychodrama, applied drama—e.g., my anthology on Interactive & Improvisational Drama. I’ve changed my mind, though—I think it’s better to call this category “action explorations”—or, as an alternative, “exploratory enactments.” I am re-writing my two major books on psychodrama, updating […]

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