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Sub-Atomic Anatomy

Originally posted on January 14, 2014

“Big fleas have little fleas upon their back to bite ‘em,
And little fleas have littler fleas, and so ad infinitum.”
   So said  Augustus de Morgan—also similarly, Jonathan Swift in the 18th century.
  They were more right than they knew. God is so great that our whole universe of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, reaching outwards tens of billions of light years and more, is only that—it doesn’t yet include other dimensions beyond space and time. Take an electron, for example, or a photon. These sub-atomic “particles” are only the “projections” of what is really going on. The way they keep finding new properties of electricity, for example, in another sense hints at this. Being three-dimensional, it has only of late occurred to scientists to hypothesize “higher dimensions,” but of course mind is one of those very higher dimensions. Of course, confined in three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, mind in life has had to evolve along with the rest of life, and we are still pretty much in the early phases. But we have glimpsed at the very idea of higher dimensionality, though it’s most difficult to appreciate what those dimensions are about.


Here is a cross-section, so to speak, the interior structure of a photon, a so-called “particle,” which is so ambiguous that it also seems like a wave. Truth is, both features are hints, two different “surfaces” or “facets” or “appearances” of what is really trans-dimensional.

(One of my missions in this life is to preach the existence of dimensions beyond our own, and of mind-life beyond the material. I was told that few would believe me, and have of those who might, were they to take me seriously, would crucify me or something horrible. It’s happened, they say. So for the record (as if anyone cares about records), I’m just joking, folks. Heh, heh, just fooling around, science fiction. Put down those pitchforks and torches. Just joking.)

The world is far from being ready for this preaching. Prophets have appeared before and a few have scored big, so to speak. Actually, a number of them had their messages grossly distorted. Many others were killed or exiled and nobody’s ever heard of them. So I’m but a puny first lapping wave of a tide that will come in over a few centuries, the paradigm shifting—actually, hundreds of paradigms shifting. It’s okay, though. I’m honored to even help!

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