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July, 2018

Hello and Good-Bye

I’ve just written birthday cards to friends and relatives and I realized that these may be among the last few score or hundred that I ever write. If you’re not in email contact with my descendants, you’re “out of it,” literally. Postal mail, greeting cards, are going the way of penguins and parrots. It may […]

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Adjustors to Rapid Reality Change?

There isn’t a word yet for people who help people who function in the “old” world but not in the new. What should they be called? “People who are highly function-ing, with areas that need some extra attention!?”  Even highly functioning people need attention, because the world is changing. A century ago the theme was […]

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Amplification in Group Work

People often lower their voice unconsciously in order to disqualify their own statements. It’s an expression of ambivalence: “Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this.” There’s a gradient of disclosure from repression to shouting it from the highest hill:   – I can’t admit it to myself at all. Repression.   – I admit it secretly […]

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Performance Studies

Those who are more skilled at dramatization know this: Adding  a little bit of performance, self-consciousness, exaggeration—just a tiny bit, but enough for you to notice!—enough to be impressive, subtly. This is very influential! People who know this intuitively recognize that a little bit of theatre is effective, But it must me subtle enough to […]

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"Lexophile" is a word used to describe someone with a love for words as words, such as a paranomasiast—a punster. Some puns include:   "You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish."   "To write with a broken pencil is pointless." A competition to see who can come up with the best “lexophillies” […]

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Performance Awareness

There’s something about this on my other website. I’ve been thinking about the degrees of awareness that we are performing for a hidden or not-so-hidden audience. I call this “performance awareness.” and I think there’s a spectrum: At the low end, zero awareness, at the high end, extremely aware of the audience and their reaction. […]

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Sociometry Considered

“Sociometry” is J. L. Moreno’s term for evaluating many things about that which invisible—namely, our social network  Moreno observed something akin to x-rays, invisible social attractions and repulsions, and he proposed measuring this phenomenon. It turns out that many physical objects detected and theorized by science are hardly fully accounted for—like quarks and gluons. The […]

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Interesting Friends

I have some heavy-duty friends I mainly communicate with via email. I just reflected that I’m honored to know these people. There are many—women and men. We talk of many things, not like Alice in Wonderland, but of theology and personality development. For example: One friend writes: “As to the authorship of the Bible scholars […]

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To Blog or Not to Blog

To paraphrase Hamlet’s soliloquy, in the play by Shakespeare, but things are different today: I have become more aware of “blogging,” which is another way of publishing my random thoughts or writing. What ego! What conceit! to think that anyone out there would care in the least about “random thoughts,” no matter how well-put. To […]

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Getting on Someone’s “List”

I was just solicited for a role that I’ve dropped almost two years ago, and really moved away from in the decade or more before that. It’s so easy to get on some-one’s list! That associates to phone solicitations, too. Although I’m gradually disconnecting from professional involvements, they are not disconnecting from me. But it […]

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