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March, 2018

Spiraling “Upward”

A correspondent asked me about alchemy and process philosophy, of all things. Here is the gist of my reply: There is a spiraling upward happening, metaphysically speaking. It must be imagined on a higher dimensional level, weaving together all of the accumulating advances. These advances are happening more rapidly, I think. Saying it another ways: […]

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The Dramaturgical Model

I have been involved with psychodrama for 50 years and have written books about it. The idea of life-as-drama is intriguing. I have taught “psychological literacy” to senior adults and I realized another point about this: It’s time that practical psychology escapes from the clutches of academia! Practical psychology should be like reading and writing […]

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Psychodrama, Positive Psychology, etc.

Psychodrama offers a less specific type of positive psychology. The actual founder of PP is Martin Seligman, of course, but Seligman built on a number of previous workers. Barbara Fredrickson is another pioneer in PP. Neither bothers acknow-ledging Moreno, but I think Moreno (who created psychodrama) should be thought of as a pioneer also, whether […]

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Expanded Identity (Beyond Reality)

One of my many facets is not entirely human; really more elfin. One might phrase it as Adam is coming out of the closet as an elf—or at least partly an elf. There’s another part of me that goes by the name of Herb, who is a bit slow and socially impaired. Most of me […]

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On the Popularization of Psychology (Cont’d)

People have tried to popularize theories of psychology for over a century. It occurs to me that contemporary psychology and psycho-pathology has been the province of those whom the ignorant think are supposed to know “better” due to their having “studied” many systems and hypotheses. Alas, psychology is still in the middle of its development […]

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Toward the Popularization of Psychology

This has become a trend towards popularizing psychology, beginning almost a century ago, but this hasn’t happened, because vested interests in traditional religion oppose it. (One of the main doctrines in popular psychology, as I see it, is that we fool ourselves, and becoming aware of the many ways we do this would  benefit humanity. […]

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Top Dog in the Cosmos?

What if indeed we are NOT top dog in the cosmos? What if we humans are a species of life that ’s a whole lot smarter than algae, but only about half-way up to the ultimate in really-being-smart (yet still short of omniscience).

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Social Learning Disability

I myself am a little bit socially dense—what was given the name “Asperger’s Disorder.”  Characters on television such as Dr. Sheldon Cooper illustrates this condition. I prefer the designation, "social learning disability." Social learning is more closely related to a talent that is innate, similar to sports, music or math abilities. A certain amount can […]

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Amateur Theologian

I am that, too, in addition to a previous list of the many things I do. I also make up universes and reflect on our own. And I am aware that my reflections on our own universe are also made up, but just maybe a little less made up. In other words, I do theology […]

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My Role Repertoire

Frank Sinatra, in one of his performed songs, “That’s Life,” sings: “I’ve been a puppet, a pirate, a pauper, a poet, a pawn and a king,” —and the song goes on. I realized I, too, have played many roles: I am a fairly good ballroom dancer—or at least I was—a folk and square dancer for […]

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