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August, 2013

Free Spirits Playing

Here’s what I mean: These are indeed free spirits—or that’s what we might call them. Or their technical species name is vibratium transcendentum. They are playing, frolicking, even, messing around. They vibrate! You can almost hear their giggles. This is going on in the cosmos. We can participate too, with a certain knack for second […]

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The Experience of Vitality

Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), the noted pioneer of contemporary views of mythology, wrote: “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will […]

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Applied Improvisation Berlin Conference

The Applied Improvisation Network is meeting in Berlin soon. The schedule of events suggests some of the meaty things they’re talking about. Note that the concepts of enactment, improvisation, and creative collaboration are being carried on with vigorously by thousands of professionals internationally. Most are theatre comedy improvisers seeking other sources of income and draw […]

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A Fuzzy Tale

One of my favorite anecdotes is “A Fuzzy Tale,” written by Dr. Claude Steiner, an advocate for Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis (in the 1970s). Part of that theory overlaps with how I think about things and vivifies Berne’s theory of giving and getting “strokes.” This is a wonderful story, first written in the 1970s, about […]

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My Way or Thy Way?

Reading a recently published autobiography by Paul Anka, “My Way” (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2013), I was taken by his description of Frank Sinatra, for whom Anka wrote the hit song, “My Way” in 1969. Sinatra had his ups and downs and was both a bigger-than-life character who had indeed lived a life that’s […]

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What We Don’t Know

Truly, of all the happenings in the vastness of the cosmos, what we know is almost infinitesimally tiny. So as a friend asked herself, “How can I teach when I don’t know?” I responded,  “I too know (on this scale) next to nothing. Courage! On another  scale, most people don’t have the tools to see […]

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Sri Yantra as Symbol

A drawing can be a complex symbol. The kabbalistic “Etz Khayyim” or “Tree of Life” is one “map” of higher consciousness that I enjoy contemplating, and the “Sri Yantra” is another. This latter diagram is among my favorite metaphysical “maps.” Of course, the idea of a 2-dimensional map requires some work to suggest the third […]

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Chariots of the Angels

In the late 1960s a book was published titled “Chariots of the Gods,” and its truthfulness was doubted by many. Still, it’s a great title, and if we shift from polytheism to a modified monotheism that includes many orders of angels, well, what do they get around in? It would be too easy to assume […]

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Stimulating You To Learn On Your Own

My friend Russ Williams works to promote ethics and a kind of non-denominational spirituality at his website, “Ethical Edge.” Lately he ran a small column on me, my history. So I thought I’d at least link to it here.

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Early Childhood Illness

While I was traveling to see family recently, I encountered a parent with her little boy of about 18 months of age, the child being extraordinarily fussy. I found him deeply annoying, and reflecting on this reaction, I wondered how my mother might have felt—not to speak of my older brother and father—when I, as […]

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