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February, 2011

The Roots of My Interest in Scriptology

I’ve been making a series of presentations about scriptology, the very inter-disciplinary not-yet-officially formed field that deals with writing and associated technologies. It has been a sort of hobby of mine since the early 1970s, though I now realize that I’d been somewhat sensitized to the whole enterprise through a number of blessings (as I […]

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Bibliography on Alphabets and Writing Systems

(Please also see my comments on “Scriptology“) Also sections near the bottom on: codes the history of numbers lettering, typography, calligraphy literacy Mayan Adkins, Lesley & Roy. (2000). The keys of Egypt: The obsession to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. New York: HarperCollins. Aguirre, Manuel. (1961). La escritura en el mundo. Madrid: Libreria Reliex. (mongol, semphore, berber, p 123, […]

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Thinking of Christopher Noxon’s book, “Re-Juvenile,” (New York: Crown Publishing, 2006),  generally I enjoyed it. I think the author speaks to the hunger for a re-integration of the best elements of child-like-ness, as I talked about in my book, The Art of Play, now being revised. However, the language is problematical. I described the value […]

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Being Introduced

Picture this scene: You are to be a speaker or presenter at some event  and you may or may not be introduced in a way that does justice to you or the subject you’re speaking about.  This has happened to me innumerable times as I’ve spoken at a wide variety of lectures, workshops, symposia, etc. […]

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Priorities: A Scale

A friend asked about my priorities in life. After some pondering, this was my response, in the form of a mini-essay, after some pondering. (Such questions are truly food for thought!) Well, I have a bucket list, things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Really, there are fuzzy boundaries. But still, consider […]

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The World Needs You (Or, Why You Belong)

I read on a listserve news item of a colleague doing a workshop titled, "Where Do I Belong?"  I wrote an email to my professional colleagues and, before erasing it, it occurred to me that it applied to lots of folks. I googled “The world needs you” and found many entries. Good! So what if […]

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Let it Go (On Not Over-Packing One’s Life)

I’ve been contemplating a bit of obsolete mental programming I picked up in my youth: The cultural injunction to be well-read, well-informed, scholarly, well-traveled, active, etc. (At least this was so for the sub-culture in which I grew up in the mid-20th century.) I should keep up on the news, know what’s up so that […]

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Coleg Degrees 4 Sale

So what are diplomas worth nowadays, really? Here’s an addition to a previous blog, with some further thoughts about a recently received ‘nother bit of spam: Subject: “The education it’s prestigious !   (Really their words!) To: (recipient) Date… whatever..  Actual text: You have a choice today!  We are an experienced company, who will give you […]

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Victimoid Cruelty

I coined this term to describe a type of subclinical emotional abuse that arises not from the cruel person’s feeling of power, but rather a kind of grumpy defiance. I also think that for every situation in a marriage or family where there’s recognizable emotional abuse—not to speak of the other kinds of physical or […]

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Get a Bcahelors Degree ? ;-)

Here’s a weird actual spam and my playful (imagined) response. My son David says the sender’s misspellings are maybe intentional to get past spam filters, but the incongruity of the message amused me: Subject: Bcahelors, Matsers, , PhD can be yours in 4 weeks if you qualify. affordable business hosting plan web service.   From (deleted), […]

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