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November, 2017


David Arthur Walters from the Miami Mirror emailed me and said “I forgot to tell you I think you are cool.”  This then reminded me of my on-again-off-again correspondence with him: He wrote, some years back: DAW: Freud stole his soup from Brentano & Dilthey. Jaspers’ Psychopathologie is right up your eclectic alley, a systematic […]

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The Becoming-Ness of God

I give thanks this Thanksgiving for life, life with Allee, family, etc. I realize very dimly that I am part of this whole God-Becoming-Everything. Lest that seem too proud, you are also, and everything and everyone else is, also. I like that phrase, “becoming-ness,” actually. It could perhaps make for a good sermon. My life […]

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Song n Dance

I heard a performer sing old popular and Broadway songs a couple days ago, and knew some of them. It reminded me that I may not have shared that part of my life—that I made up song books, held song fests, sang songs for our Sun City Follies when we lived in Texas, programmed song […]

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Mature Love

I’m having a love affair with my own wife! Yay! It’s a mature kind of love, not young love— that’s why I bother writing about it. Nothing need be in secrecy. Mature adults can be deeply, sweetly in love.. I get a kick out of her. I get a kick out of thinking of nice […]

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Thinking About…

I discern several levels of consciousness: 1. Thinking, 2, thinking about thinking, 3,thinking about those processes, and 4. meditating on those levels. The first is straight thinking, calculating. Example: "He’s heading off that way, so I’ll cut him off." Leopards do this. The second level is more human: Thinking about thinking. Because of their developed […]

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Creativity Expansion

The creative arts therapies come  out of the healing traditions; and like psycho-drama (in which I’m involved), what they’re aiming for goes way beyond the sick role. The sick role is the idea that one is well and the other is sick and creative expression would be healing. But creativity need not assume anything wrong […]

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Changes in “Therapy”

Moreno’s vision was for "all the world;" but psychotherapy has been becoming far, far more expensive—at least in the USA—pricing itself out of the market of anyone not diagnos-ably "sick" and helped by payments from health insurance. Happily, more de-facto “pseudo-therapists” in the guise of  “coaches” are cropping up with little quality control over qualifications. […]

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Losing It a Little

I’m still pretty sharp and productive, but my kids notice that sometimes I repeat myself. But I have been consciously making choices about not paying as much attention to conversations. When I start to lose interest I allow myself to drift into my own thoughts. (I learned this morning that Winston Churchill did the same!) […]

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Creative Musings

I cultivate a mild state of dissociation and surrender to my primary process, my free-floating imaginativeness, my pre-un-conscious mind. I willingly entertain confabulation, trusting (at least for a while) the sort of stuff my subconscious mind just makes up. This part of our mind is far more clever than even bright people’s minds! It comes […]

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Inspirational Song Snippets:

I have been inspired and sustained by a number of songs, idealistic songs, such as these: You who have dreams, if you act, they will come true! To turn your dreams to a fact: It’s up to you!      — song, Stout-Hearted Men, from 1930s’s movie, “New Moon”—Sigmund Romberg From the 1939 song sang by […]

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