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Other Dimensions!?

Originally posted on October 7, 2017

I talk to God, as you know, not that I expect that God listens to puny me. But I fantasize that God delegates the message back to me via several levels of archangels and angels. I don’t hear “His” (maybe “Her”?) words exactly because my unconscious mind certainly contaminate—and indeed, this all is probably fantasy, but as best as I can gather, it’s this: God says, “Dear Adam, as you know I am continuously expanding in all possible ways. It’s the sort of thing my creative part does.”  (Me: Uh, now that I think of it, I guess so.)  God, via Angels: “Well, one of those ways is via dimensions! Music is one, abstract art is another, comic books, anything new!”

Me: Okayyyy… so?? God: Well, you and some of your cohorts in this universe have started imagining other dimensions! Great idea! You see, you are there to think and imagine for me.  Oh, I imagine plenty for myself, but I, being God, thought, I can use all the help I can get!

Anyway, what if I used human beans to imagine for me. (I know: Human beings spell it that way, but I spell it beans.) Most of human beans aren’t very imaginative, but a few of them are. What if we all imagine together, since in fact (at my level) they are all a part of me? So here’s the deal:

It turns out that not only other galaxies, billions of them, but there are also other dimensions! Far out, really, literally! But of course there are some beans who dig it, like Adam Bbbbbbwet-blatt-sound-latner?  (AB: Me?) Yeah, you. Of course you propose  it all in fun, of course. You remember what happened to Michael Servetus, who proposed other worlds in the 16th century or thereabouts. Burned at the stake (by the Calvinists, not the Catholics). Ouch to the sixth power!

God in my imagination continues: So if there are a plethora of galaxies, why can’t there be a plethora of dimensions, which is what Adam’s drawings are about. If questioned, he can say he’s just foolin’ around, this being the era of science fiction and all. But some may take his approach seriously. If you think about it, it explains everything, or at least a whole lot. There are indeed other dimensions, and we have been flirting with this in innumerable ways. Music, poetry, modern art, etc.—just a beginning.

Adam’s art lays it out as simply as possible, which alas is still way too refined and heady for most folks. He suggests that there is another dimension—at least one—or a direction of several other dimensions—and it’s time we expand our minds to consider there as they explain a whole lot. For those who resist such explana-tions, fine, let them resist. For those who would persecute those with radical other worldviews, retract! Nobody cares, or very few, at that.

Adam: So I’m going a little farther out over and off the deep end, as understand-able English has few other words to express such extensions, For example, I don’t self-righteously expect others to understand, and I act as if I don’t take my insights too seriously. I am serious enough, but few would understand me. Nor do I expect them to. I explain sincerely, but also lightly, because my underlying assumption, that there are indeed other higher dimensions, like music, requires a mind-stretching that most find uncomfortable and worthy of a visceral rejection. Those who do have ears to hear, let them hear. Jesus (Yeshua— they didn;t have the phoneme "dj" back then in Palestine—in 16th Century France, yes, but not elsewhere)—said that phrase several times in the New Testament. Other dimensions. Yes! I have indeed been entertaining such notions!

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