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December, 2016

My “Third Age”

In some ways it’s a denouemont; in some ways a penultimate performance. Priorities: Hang out with Allee, care for and be cared for by my daughter’s family; get to know the new community of San Luis Obispo, along Hightway 101, near the coast, half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s a return to […]

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Creativity Enhancement

What a great goal for the folks I want to hang out with in the future. I’m dropping out of the psychiatry profession. I’m more interested in stimulating those who sort of want to be stimulated. A modest goal, but someone’s got to do it.

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Creativity Enhancement

   As I grow older, I’m interested in applying new age ideas, singing songs, psychodramatic methods (but only with people with fairly good ego strength). I’m rather finished with psychiatry, trying to help most people—I estimate a least 50%—who don’t want psychotherapy or any kind of mind expansion. I address rather those who are open […]

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Reflections on Sociometry

I don’t think it can be precise, because there are way too many variables involved—many of them still mysterious. That should not stop it from being investigated, any more than our preliminary knowledge of electricity should have stopped the many experiments in the early 19th century. It cannot be precise because there are levels beyond […]

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A Little “Tottery”

To tell you the truth, I’m growing older, approaching 80, a tiny bit more tottery. I still dance, but for fast folk dances it takes a little more time to get the messages through my nerves down to the feet. Still ballroom dance. There seems to be a balance between exercising to one’s capacity and […]

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Life Exploration

This is also a form of life expansion, and it’s not medical model. It’s a coaching model. Many—perhaps most—people who are referred aren’t really wanting to take on the world in new ways. They just say to themselves, “Don’t try this or you’ll seem foolish.” But life expansion is a form of non-problem-centered work with […]

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Add “Surplus Reality”

I found a book by Rosilyn Wilder, a teacher of creative drama,  titled "A Space Where Anything Can Happen" (New Plays Books, 1977). Yes, it fits with my hope to expand consciousness so that people—not just young people, but old people, too, like my age group!—can make up stuff. In a world (and school system) […]

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Nice to See You

I saw God. Well, not all of God, but a itty-bitty glow of the fingertip of “Her” fin-ger-tip, so to speak. I saw it by standing on tiptoe on a chair and peeking over the transom (the window above the doorway) and Lo! There She was, a tiny glow under a table. I said, “You’re […]

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Little Paradigm Shifts

I was thinking about mailing boxes of books and realized that scanning books on has become almost cheaper than mailing overseas. This floored me, as I realized that electronic copy technology has overtaken mail. Shipping costs make it relevant to compare what it might cost to ship versus scanning-on and emailing the copies. It occurred […]

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0 Great Swami

I have much respect for many of the spiritual teachers, but I’m aware there’s a lot of flim-flam going on. This cartoon lay at my feet this morning and as I’ve opened to Grace (or coincidence?) it occurred to me to post it and free associate: These two characters pointedly comment on the verbiage that […]

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