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January, 2018

Simulations for Planning

Of late I realize that I have transcended therapeutic role playing—psychodrama, drama therapy, etc.—and moved towards thinking that all of this is beyond therapy. It applies also in wrestling with the challenges of re-visioning new fields, re-visioning how to develop skills. I have left medicine, left psychiatry, left the whole medical model where some people […]

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Differences in Strengths and Weaknesses

Intellectual  strengths and weaknesses may overlap with temperamental ones. I have a mild case of Asperger’s Disorder which, I think, operates on a spectrum. Severe is autism. Mild is Asperger’s. But the spectrum goes on: Social Learning Disability, average, and socially talented—“the hostess with the mostest” as they said of Pearl Mesta in the 1950s. […]

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Whassup (Early 2018)?

I’m doing my last edited book on non-psychotherapeutic applications of psycho-dramatic methods, which are really just the application of the technology of “enhanced” simulations to psychotherapy. The enhancement comes from the technique of the “double” (or “voice over”) which allows the audience to know what the role players are thinking or saying to themselves. I’m […]

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“Another Lens on Reality”

That’s how the later Ursula LeGuin described her work. I don’t claim to know what sense she had of her line, but if we expand “reality” as a concept to include every-one, and then include everyone to include the sentient life forms such as the snake-people on the fifth planet circling the giant start Betelgeuse—don’t […]

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Rounding Out Life

An acquaintance over email—a new type of relationship, please note—we’ve met in passing and he kindly accepts me into the periphery of his social network— remarked, “Glad to see you’re still going strong.” But I’m not going strong! I’m weakening! I’m wrapping things up. There’s a whole lot to wrap and it may take a […]

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Paul Jackson in the UK writes: Leaders know that an improvisational mindset helps fuel the practices of many of the most successful companies, especially in Silicon Valley. Leaders frequently reference their impro training, and they bring improviser in to help with management development, team-work and strategy. I’ve been hired by Google, for example, to set […]

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“Why Do Fools Fall in Love?”—Sociometry

This 1956 popular song is just one of myriad of questions, including “What does he see in her?” and “What does she see in him??” that are all around us. The mind has its own mysterious capacity to reduce the almost disorienting impact of pure wonder. Sociometry was invented by Jacob L. Moreno, M.D., in […]

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Action Explorations:The Book

I’m assembling an anthology of how improvised drama, Morenian methods and related approaches may be utilized far beyond their applications in psychotherapy. The book will be titled Action Explorations: Enhanced Simulations, and it will be used to spread the word and encourage applications of Morenian methods in non-clinical situations. Moreno said in his seminal book,  […]

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Enhanced Simulation (More)

Enhanced simulations should be used as a kind  of therapy, and indeed, as part of the training of helpers, paid professionals. It’s also a part of therapy, including  psychodrama, drama therapy, and related approaches, may be thought of as a kind of education. Simulations should be applied not only as therapy but rather for all […]

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The Universe Next Door

Well, not exactly. One dimension over, sort of up and to the right, not that directions mean much in a cosmos of multiple dimensions. Nor is it one,  but infinite in numbers—but we’ll start with one. What? You thought this was the only reality??  Okay, that’s where you are. But for me and my kind […]

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