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January, 2012

Confabulations 15

Explaining Explaining There are times my meandering thoughts seem inexplicable, I have been told. Alas. I mark this up to the possibility of there being ambiguous alternative interpretations I didn’t think of. If one considers the sheer depth of meaning inherent in whatever, and / or further meanings, not to speak of analogies and reflections […]


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How It Looks from Here

Zordak speaking: So here’s the deal. Pretend that when you talk this way you don’t mean it, you’re just foolin’ around. Okay. So somewhere on the order of 24,000 sprite-souls have been incarnated onto your planet because Earth-people really need them. The species has become caught up in illusion. We’ve been sending liberatory sprite-souls for […]

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Psychiatric “Diagnoses”

Several months ago I sent this to the American Psychiatric Association’s committee in charge of making a new Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM-5). I wrote: Though I’m retired from active practice in psychiatry now, I get questions from neighbors;  and also I teach and consult with various mental health professionals in training. My impression is […]

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Standing in the Fire

In the Fall, 2011 issue of Dramascope: the e-newsletter of the National Association for Drama Therapy, a mini-essay of mine was published and I thought I’d put it up here, too.  What’s said here applies also to the challenge of leading a psychodrama.  Essentially (as an abstract of what I say), I note that one […]

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Folly in Culture

A recent article in Wired magazine addressed tendencies in the field of medicine to perhaps over-reach itself, and to not-entirely-rationally support whatever seems new or fashionable. As an amateur historian of medicine, I found this wonderful. Several articles from many sources have explored the tenuous nature of modern medical "knowledge."  However, lest we get all […]

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