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April, 2013

Is “Drama” a Bad Thing?

This is about the semantics of the word, drama. Its root is simply that which is done, enacted. My background in psychodrama makes this relevant, because of late I have begun to question the way the word drama has come to be understood. It seems to carry a meaning of excess, of histrionics. Recently I […]

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Shree Yantra (plus commentary)

A common theme that I play with is the Sri (pronounced Shree, for “holy”) Yantra (or special meditative design) that I draw to center and relax, thereby opening whatever channel then allows me to become more spontaneous, to be inspired. It’s a fine symbol of whatever there is in the Beyond for me to open […]

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Playing in the Flow

Some would call it doodling, because they can’t open to the idea that the Beyond is channeling inspirations to us every moment. It is built into our neural matrix to inhibit this inflow, lest it overwhelm us. That process of inflow, if not modulated, results—according to degrees of open-ness— in hypomania, mild mania, or total […]

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Living Creatively

One of my life missions is the introduction of methods that people can use to live more creatively. The methods are adaptations of psychodrama or a type of improvised dramatic enactment. I’ve written about this in other contexts, such as a chapter in Jacob Gershoni’s edited book, Psychodrama in the 21st Century. An imaginative application […]

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Recent Psychodrama Postings on My Website

Now on my website with the links here is presentation on Beyond Psychotherapy , which will soon be given as a plenary presentation at the national ASGPP psychodrama conference. I speak to two issues on my mind of late: That Moreno’s methods have many applications well beyond the clinical context; and that these methods should […]

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If You Can Change The Way You Look At Things…

… the things you look at change. This was sent to me as part of another email-blog from Chuck & Karen Robison at  Wow. And of course I like mandalas so…

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The “Physiology” of the Ultimate

Not that I have a clue, but yet, yes, some hints. The following mandala expresses this intermixing of order and disorder, structure and chaos. The cosmos celebrates spontaneity and diversification. It mixes DNA in a profligate fashion. (What a great word, “profligate.”) This intrinsic, organic reality needs to become a core part of a more […]

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Aptitudes: Language

I am interested in individuality, a concept that calls the reality of individual differences into sharper contrast. People differ in so many ways and one of these is the aptitude for picking up languages. Some people have a tin ear for music while others are naturally more talented. Michael Erard just wrote a book ( […]

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The Secret

It can’t be said in ordinary language, so riddled is it with paradox that transcends ordinary reasoning. Okay, maybe it isn’t the secret, but some think it’s a secret.   At least it’s a “secret” to the people who find un-ending depths in the symbolism!

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