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World of Almost-Real


I am not shy about daring to coin new words, such as the verb, “neologize”—to create neologisms, which means “new words.” Today I’ll put out for your assessment the word, “mythification,” meaning to generate mythic-type ideas or mages. I see a trend in our culture towards mythification that has been advancing especially since the mid-1960s. […]


Little known (because I just made it up) are the auxiliary selves, the adjunctive resonant energy forces that support the major unfolding of the psyche. These, too, are part of the experience of the “self,” though never acknowledged, unconscious, because, like invisible germs, they are hardly perceptible to the ordinary senses. One must cultivate not […]

Almost Real, Not Really

Walt Kelly in one of his Pogo comic strips, revealed his rich, whimsical streak that teetered over into fantasy. (His art deeply influenced my own.) Here he explains what I’m trying to say about “almost-real”:

An Invitation to Imagination

We are working on a revision of our book, The Art of Play. Its thesis is that imagination is related to creativity, and this is related to envisioning, and there may be further potentials of all this not yet envisioned. One aspect of this is realizing that we can say “yes-and” rather than “no but” […]

Biochemistry Enlivened

I’m sorry to have to use the trope of “little men,” elves and fairies that look like little people, but that’s where humanity is. It’s hard to realize that at the micro-level, subtle astral forces facilitate events as much as the fairies help flowers to blossom or birds to find their mates. (Oh, yeah, just […]

Blahg For the Great-Grandchildren

Your Grandpa, my son, reminded me that I’m writing this for you! My true identity as AB is not Adam Blatner—that’s just my “Earth” name. Really its “Amazing Brains!” Adam is just my cover, just this guy. Part of the time in the role of Adam  do dishes, enjoy my kids and grandkids, be a […]

Comics—Positive vs Negative

So many comics have been "dark"—feeding on the "dark side"– while I turn towards the light if I can, and enjoy happier commentaries. Still, I get pulled into the dark on occasion. I have come to recognize that this is a theme in comics or stylized illustration—a theme of dark versus light. Alas, comics are […]

Contemplating This Blog

As a contemplateur, an invented and affected name for one who enjoys thinking about stuff, I like to write on my blog, and entertain the vague fantasy that someone in the great somewhere will find these jottings amusing and perhaps a little thought-provoking. (Someone in the Great Somewhere is a phrase taken from the 1953 […]

Dance of the Diddly-doodles on Arabesque Day

Below is a picture of a diddly-doodle, rendered sort of anthropo-morphically. (We’ve found that humans can relate better to that which they can relate to more.) Diddly-doodles live in another dimension where they elaborate flowery complexities in the cosmos: this is their “job.” It is needed, else everything be square and orderly. Mussed-up hair, charming […]

Don’t Break the Fourth Wall?

The “fourth wall” is a term in drama that recognizes that spectators watch an enactment by players who behave as if there is no one watching, as if the walls of the stage are not transparent—especially the imagined wall that is really the open space between the stage and the audience. That imagined wall is […]


In a story told by Cyrano de Bergerac titled “Voyage to the Moon”,” illustrated by P. Craig Russell in 1991—I found it in a new age comic book among a number of rather painfully dark other stories—Cyrano relates his visit to the moon and adventures there. One element was a meeting with a being from […]

Expanded Identity (Beyond Reality)

One of my many facets is not entirely human; really more elfin. One might phrase it as Adam is coming out of the closet as an elf—or at least partly an elf. There’s another part of me that goes by the name of Herb, who is a bit slow and socially impaired. Most of me […]

Fabulation 2

As you may have noticed, I dare to make up stuff. You can, too. (As a matter of fact, you do, all the time, but you don’t know it. It’s unconscious. Maybe with the tools I’m producing you can know it a little more, or at lest know about that.) The fancy term for making […]

Faeries: Resonant Energy Fields

Faeries are not real in an ordinary materialist sense, but then again, neither is love. They are expressions of mind, and mind transcends a mere materialism-based metaphysical philosophy. You are really reading this, though all bets are off as to how you interpret it. More importantly, that leads to the realization that if you think […]


I became interested in fairies before they were featured in Tolkien’s Return of the King trilogy. In fact, my interpretation of these non-physical beings is that they appear in whatever form the audience imagines, as in the Christmas song, Some Children See Him Lily White. In fact, faery beings appear as imagined through the filter […]


There are some words like “flister-fluster” that have not yet entered our vocabulary because what they mean isn’t yet known to humankind. Flister-fluster is a flipping kind of thing between dimensions, and one must have some sense of how dimensionality works to even begin to entertain such a concept. (This relates to the previously posted […]


It’s hard to express what gizmoids do. The word is a combination, a portmanteau, of “gizmo” and the suffix “-oid”—which means “-like.” A gizmo is a mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown; a gadget. However, being transdimensional, their function and essential nature is more elusive—hence the “-oid” suffix. Represented here in […]

Happy Re-Birthday

I don’t find reincarnation to be particularly compelling for me. It may be true for all I know, but my own path is to help improve where we’re going as a species, rather that to trace where any individual has “been.” Also, I think that mind has a far greater capacity for fantasizing vividly what […]

Hollow Weenies

Hollow-weenie -eeeeee is coming! Let’s all pretend to be scared: Eeee! Now let’s all pretend to be scary: Booooo! Unless you’re suffering from PTSD, both are sort-of fun, lifting us out of our humdrum civilized life, jolting us back with a mild energizing thrill into a simulacrum of what it might have been like for […]

How the Mind Works

The mind, or as they say in a children’s song, “Der Honky-Donky-Doodle,” works in mysterious ways. At last (or as I am wont to say, alas) neruo-imaging has met neuro-imagining and resulted in a picture of the nerve bundle that connects right and left brain, the “corpus callosum,” as it is technically called. Below is […]

I Can “Fabulate”

There’s a word, “confabulation,” that refers to the way some people’s minds rather  obviously make up a reality, memories, consistent thinking, that jibes with a slight suggestion. It’s more obvious in some patients than others. I daresay that in subtle ways it’s ubiquitous! We do this far more naturally in dreams. Then when we wake […]

I Thought I Had It Figured Out

… but then I woke up. Dang! I dunno, in the dream it made sense! Those little guys had a part to play in the grand scheme of things. Well, it seemed so. I was so gratified. The “aha” really felt good. But, then, “poof.” Aw, man, come on!

Imagination Development

So there’s the name: Imagination Development. Imagination can and should be developed! It’s a theme that helps rationalize some hobbies, or it could be a hobby in itself. It’s a kind of mental yoga. Stretching and bending the imagination, playing, pretending, consciously daydreaming. It relates to Jung’s suggestion that we actively imagine. Most people don’t […]

Inspiration (?)

I have been inspired, but what and from/by what I do not know. The following text came through my hand: Then, as if that were not enough, a “P.S.”: From what I can gather (?), or perhaps deduce (because certainly I cannot read these ? words or hieroglyphs, the clue is the choo-choo train engine […]

Inter-Dimensional Directions

If you remember, Zordak is my little flying-saucer lil’ green man archetypal character who figuratively lands in my back yard for a visit. (Dante had the ancient Roman poet, Virgil, as his guide to Inferno. I have Zordak.) Why the lot behind my home? I don’t know. Maybe he also empties what passes for his […]