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October, 2012

Inter-Dimensional ? Humor

Joke Zordak tried to tell me: Two whatchymacallits are talking with a third whatchymabigger… and one says… well, it loses so much in translation.. Okay, okay, I’ll try… one says, which way would infinity go if the possibilites were opened another dimension? And the big-guy says, ho ho, which dimension do you mean, the other […]

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A recent “Hi & Lois” comic strip struck home! Could it be that there are many people with less intelligence, vocabulary, and correspondingly more entitlement to their own prejudices who are inclined to condemn offhandedly anyone with more critical thinking as “elitist?” For example, consider this exchange: … and his office mate replies: … so, […]

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Embarking Into Philosophy

I have a young friend who is interested and asked me about what to read. This challenged me to think of how to respond. Philosophy, after all, is a very broad game. I think the key is to be found in a phrase used by one of my favorite philosophers, Alfred North Whitehead (1865 – […]

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Social Depth Psychology-Introduction

I realized that there’s no way I can offer a treatise about this field—it’s too vast and complex. The best I can do is to begin to talk about it, to point out that there are many phenomena and dynamics that operate in a realm between individual psychology—which has been relatively well covered by thousands […]

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I Enjoy You Like That

It is so special to find another person who can say that. Some folks have not had this pleasure, alas. And it can be so very different for different folks. Do others enjoy you for what you’d like to be enjoyed for?   – your preferences and style of travel   – going fishing and […]

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Hello, World

Well, there you are, whether you’re aware of it or not, needing if not awaiting my efforts to change you for the better. Please forgive me for not being able to offer much more than the tiniest nibble at the ineffable monumentality of the challenge, but I’m just a little person, a member of a […]

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“We Grow Too Soon Old…”

So begins an old German proverb; and finishes with: “… and too late, smart!” It’s okay, though. I’m discovering in the elder years that much can happen: First, we grow smarter, but discover waves and mountains that we yet don’t know—and some of these are things that (a) no human knows yet—and there’s two categories […]

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My friend Anthony asked me today, “What will be the philosophical trend after postmodernism?” I answered, a mischievous smile breaking out, “I dunno, maybe post-post-modernism?” “What’ll that be?” he asked, playing right into the flow of exploration. I warmed up to the idea: Indubitably, as knowledge and technology advance, there may be several waves of […]

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Spectrums of Mind

My son David recently wrote a book titled “Spectrums”—really a fine book—opening to the wonders of the actual range of varieties of our existence—size, intensity of energy, speed, etc. I highly recommend it, even if I’m prejudiced. It is really interesting and well-written and often uses phrasing that I find both amusing and evocative. But […]

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Slow It Down a Little

Too much too fast too intense… whoa! So I was intrigued by the mention by a friend of a “slow living” conference next early summer. They cover so many facets but I didn’t see psychology. I’ve been pondering SDP (social-depth psychology), the deeper resonances in the psyche of that part of the mind that is […]

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