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August, 2011

Multi-Perspectival Man: Historical Background

2nd episode: Multi-Perspectival-Man didn’t come crashing out of the sky in a rocket ship. He emerged naturally in his human form as just this guy, a product of cultural evolution. But, wait! What about his ancestry, and the world in which they lived? I mentioned earlier that there’s a lot to distract one nowadays. Yes. […]

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Later-in-Life Learning

There’s a lot about early and even mid-childhood development and the many things that go on during these phases. But I’ve been impressed recently, on reflection, how much still there are lessons to learn, new integrations, continued healing of past stresses, traumas, neuroses, and relationships. We realized also that this continued learning is part of […]

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An Idyllic Childhood

My dear wife Allee reminded me this morning that I grew up in “a Disneyland-like world. (Actual Disneyland was built near the end of this period around fifty miles or so south south-east of my home.) What an intriguing idea, and when I thought about it, true. So here’s a little snapshot of a halcyon […]

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Helping God Be Born

This is my preferred myth at this point in my life. It really doesn’t matter to me that this may be far from the truth. It feels to me that it’s close enough and by comparison to any other philosophy I’ve encountered—and that relativistic comparison is what counts—it’s better on many counts. The myth suggests […]

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Drama in Everyday Life: A Type of Vital-Mind

Drama is a vitalizing dynamic. What is essential is the expression of exaggerated emotions—triumph, joy, fear, vulnerability, fear, protest, lust, greed, shame—all the colors of the rainbow. Civilization has rightfully demanded a modulation of these, but as with most social trends, driven by unintelligent minds that want simple and final answers, it overshot the mark. […]

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Get a Life! Considering Pseudo-Reality

I think modern media and other devices offer an opportunity to expand and enrich our imaginations; beyond a certain point, though, they can dilute the effective experience and action of the self. The Psychology of Imagination Consider this hypothesis: Psyche is expandable to a startling extent. In addition to mere perceptions and actions, the human […]

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Chapter 1, in which our hero is introduced. (Pronounced multi- per-spect-ai’-vuhl (with the accent on the ai syllable): This postmodernist, sort-of hero’s main superpower is that of bending reality to his will—at least in his own imagination. In ordinary life, he remains disguised as mediocre-man, an unassuming drone in the great hive of humanity. But, […]

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Meaning as Vital-Mind-M

I’ve been thinking of the need for a sense of meaning in life, becoming more intensely aware of the need for this to be operating at a certain level. It occurs to me that feeling that life is meaningful is a kind of psycho-cultural nutrient, a kind of vitamin-equivalent that I call a “Vital-Mind” component. […]

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The Meaning of It All

My son sent me an email that mentioned a TED lecture from England, David Deutsch   contemplated the meaning of sentient life in the cosmos. My own take on this history is this: Building on the work of Teilhard de Chardin, I think that what is going on is that the cosmos is moving towards greater […]

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Confabulations 11: Jus’ Cruisin’ Among the Sparkelplenties

This is a Calabi-Yau diagram of the 10 dimensions of space that are involved in string theory. There are sub-atomic physicists  who really mean this! About Cruisin’ Perhaps other-dimensional beings should be about more momentous projects, intentional operations. That UFOs should be jus’ cruisin’ around the way you kids did in your hot rods fifty […]

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