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March, 2012

Re-Thinking “Disorders”

I just read that "federal health officials" said that, using a wider screening for "autism spectrum disorders," guess what: more kids are picked up who fit the broader or looser criteria. Duh. If you loosen the criteria on anything, that increases the sensitivity to shades on what used to be the borderline and you’ll pick […]

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Can We Know Truth?

Perhaps we should not even try to know “truth,” because it’s an asymptotic limit, like the speed of light, or perfection. The idea that we need to know what’s going on is so late 19th century (and early through mid-20th century with some hold-outs even today). The problem with the desire to really “know” the […]

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The Curves of Becoming

The cosmos operates in magic curves that are based on the phi ratio found throughout nature. This is the basis for the “Golden Triangle” pictured at right, a major element in sacred geometry. Sometimes things move along seemingly slowly at one level, while at a deeper level things are germinating, resting, gathering strength, reorganizing and […]

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Waking Up a Little More

I’ve been waking up to ways I’ve been asleep or veiled in ignorance or self-deception, and one of the things I’ve woken up to is the idea that lots of other people are as caught up in illusions as I’ve been.  Everyone has a somewhat different combination of thousands of illusions and self-deceptions. Digging out […]

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Adam Many-Parts

In a recent blog post on dancing a thousand flames, I mentioned the idea of being many selves—playing many roles. I’m flagrant in this regard, playing with the whole idea of playing roles. Of course many cartoonists, comic book writers, and dramatists do likewise, and I’ve been more than a little influenced by these genres. […]

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How It Really Works

Okay, this is a bit mythic, and speculative: The cosmos breathes, the rate of expansion and contraction operating along the course of what in mathematics is known as a sine wave—not a spike, not a square wave—but gradually then faster then slower then that sequence going in the opposite direction. It becomes more complex and […]

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To Dance a Thousand Flames and Call Them “Self”

This phrase and picture came at me some years ago and re-presented itself recently in light of a growing awareness that I serve as a vehicle for innumerable roles. Some of these include dishwasher-guy (a not-particularly-super-hero), amanuensis (I just take dictation), encourager of others (often international students), etc. The point of course is that “Self” […]

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Mister Pixie

I’m sort of a generic pixie, not particularly devoted to any specific task, just generally promoting the mood, you know? (No, I didn’t know.) Well, here in this parallel dimension, there are many who are more into, like, helping blossomings happen, or saving lost bird-babies. You know—your species has started to open to the world […]

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Martian-Mayan Joke

Zordak sent this along to me—a “Martian-Mayan” joke. This has little to do with the present-day Mayan people who live in Central America, although the art of the ancient Mayan civilization was probably influenced by some visitor or tutelary spirits who inspired key artists early on. Technically, this isn’t about Martians, either, but that’s become […]

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More About My Brain-Cell Projection

My friend Allan wrote about the picture of the cell shown here on my blog a few days ago:  “Hmmm. If it’s a single cell, it’s got a lot of inclusions. Think supercomputer with each cell an organic integrated circuit module. That should push your brain components into the yantabyte range of memory and storage […]

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