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November, 2013


Every once in a while a guardian angel—one of many—drops a bit of grace on you. Bonk? There it is: What are you going to do with it? Notice in the picture the other possible fates withheld. This is not a capricious decision. It is finely calibrated to what your needs are for another go-round […]

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People are attracted to each other. There are scores of cues, and other factors. Does this person remind me of a favorite parent or relative that I bonded with? Or perhaps seems like the opposite of one that I despised? There are other factors, too, such as the degree to which I bought into or […]

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Happy Re-Birthday

I don’t find reincarnation to be particularly compelling for me. It may be true for all I know, but my own path is to help improve where we’re going as a species, rather that to trace where any individual has “been.” Also, I think that mind has a far greater capacity for fantasizing vividly what […]

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Imagination Development

So there’s the name: Imagination Development. Imagination can and should be developed! It’s a theme that helps rationalize some hobbies, or it could be a hobby in itself. It’s a kind of mental yoga. Stretching and bending the imagination, playing, pretending, consciously daydreaming. It relates to Jung’s suggestion that we actively imagine. Most people don’t […]

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Thoughts on Creativity

Creativity is an emerging dynamic about which we continue to learn new facets and depths. It’s not as if we fully understand creativity. It’s more like electricity, a phenomenon about which we continue to discover new features even after a couple hundred years. Creativity may be reformulated in many ways. One element that may be […]

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Religious Insignia

In another world, they recognize that spirituality involves a confluence of spiritual images that work for the unique sentient entity—and there are billions of them, just like here on Earth. That is to say, they’ve passed the historical evolutionary period when people presumed to know what the Divine “was” and how it should be properly […]

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Mandalas and Sacred Geometry

I just received a card from a friend that had a mandala on it as a design, and that reminded me of this emerging trend to present this form of art for your enjoyment. Thousands of people are exploring this medium and you can find many examples on the internet—especially if you google “mandala.” My […]

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Make a Splash!

This cartoonist Wiley Miller sometimes expresses wonderful truths. I particularly liked this one. It was a fair description of my life other than a moderate mis-caricatur-ization of my adolescence. Mine was less goth on the surface, more dorky. And the last phase may be age-ist, the cliche of the cane and all. But the joy […]

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Sociometry for the Holidays

This is a time when we write and send greeting cards, send out and accept holiday invitations, hold parties and decide whether or not to go here or there. It’s a time that people are intuitively feeling into their social networks. These feelings are very varied!    – There are those with whom you feel […]

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Reconsidering the Oedipal Complex

I’m thinking that a little bit of this is a good thing. I was watching an attractive young mother coo over her baby, about 9 months old, and I thought, “Hm, I want an Oedipal complex. I don’t want to marry Mom or have sex with her, but I do want her to absolutely delight […]

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